Lonely Poems: 40 Touching Love Poems About Feeling Lonely


We have become accustomed to having someone with us at all times while we are in a relationship. Therefore, a broken love relationship can sometimes make us feel much more alone than when we were single.

However, after a breakup, loneliness becomes overwhelming and engulfs us fully, leaving us with a broken heart. I understand how difficult this must be for you; I know because I’ve been there. The more you attempt to forget, the more you remember your previous time – the unforgetting a person, reliving the memories.

If anyone has been through it, they can realize that breaking up may seem to be the end of the world emotionally, it is horribly painful, more than you can endure, and you may feel as if you have lost everything most necessary.

Life without that one person may appear meaningless, empty, and unworthy of living.
You can’t imagine that those were long days, filled with an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and the never-ending gloom of sadness that swallowed us…

However, we can draw beautiful lessons from this sadness and loneliness. Don’t toss it out; instead, pay attention to it, listen to it, and learn from it. Nothing in life can make you weak. Every challenge and difficulty in life all teach us something new and make us stronger. Instead of feeling it as a source of sorrow, see it as a chance to reconnect with your spirit. This small difference in viewpoint can an important key to assisting you in looking forward.

Our editorial team has compiled 40 lonely poemsthe best sad love poems about loneliness for people who have recently experienced a breakup – to assist wounded hearts on their journey to healing. Until your heart is ready for a new love from someone who truly loves you. Let’s do something fun together. Self-love and self-care are the most effective methods to recover from a breakup and get the confidence to begin a new relationship. Just move on! Hope you have beautiful moments on Poemfull.Com! All is the best!

“I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.”

Robin William

Artwork: Women By The Sea by Inna Montano

“It is better to be lonely than allow people who are not going anywhere keep you from your destiny.”

Joel Osteen

1, Missing Love © Kasi C

I miss the ways,
The ways that captivated my heart.

How your beautiful eyes,
Would look through mine.

And discovered more,
More than what I thought I could be.

The way your kiss…
Your kiss would tingle my lips.

Travel to my feet,
Then completely surround me.

Twirling with your arms holding me tight,
While we danced into the light.

Gracefully sliding across the rooms,
As if we were the only two.

Soaring without wings,
Just hand in hand.

Feet still planted,
But hearts so alight.

And mesmerizizing my soul,
I miss the ways.

Upon the chest,
The chest of my lover.

Lying in the night,
Not scared or alone.

The passions of the nights,
Rolling as thunder.

No more two but becoming one,
Under the covers.

The endless hopes,
And heartfelt dreams.

Of you and me,
Becoming we.

The nervous fears of lovers,
Not two but becoming three.

Joining the happiness,
Of fathers and mothers.

I miss those ways,
But not this.

An unborn stolen,
By the foul clutches of night.

Because of the loss,
The missing and the fight.

I do not miss this,
Not one bit.

Fearful and scared.
Tears all alone.

The evils of this world,
We have been shown.

Cruel and painful,
And still cry “Why”.

My sorrow drowns me,
As I fight to stay above.

I need a hand,
I need your hug.

I can’t fill this void,
Inside deep in my heart.

This wanting consuming,
Consuming my soul.

Half alive,
Not wanting to breath.

Half dead,
Not wanting to go.

But the show has ended,
A tearful audience.

I only wish that we weren’t the ones,
Playing the lead rolls.

2, Lonely Is Just One Word © Mary Havran

Lonely is just one word chosen to represent so much
To tell of feelings inside that the senses cannot touch

Lonely can be in the teardrops on a bereaved person’s cheek
Lonely can be in the silence of sorrows too deep to speak

Lonely can haunt a deserted room that Laughter once made proud
Lonely surrounds you when you’re alone or finds you in a crowd

Lonely is heard in echoed footsteps of a departing friend
Lonely penetrates the solitude of nights that will not end

Lonely will not listen to the pleadings of a broken heart
Lonely stays and torments until new Love shatters it apart.

3, Can You? © Katie T

Can you just snap and the person you want gone, disappear?
Can you find a way through every problem without shedding a tear?
Can you hate a person that you hold so dear?
Can you find the one you love and have him seem be too good to be real?
All the above is way too hard to be doing it on your own.
And when no one is around to help you out and pick your feet off the ground, you end up spending your nights crying, in your room all alone.
Wishing someone was holding you tight but he’s not here tonight.

4, Where Do I Go? © Lisa Griffin

Where do I go
When I’m feeling so lost and I don’t want to be found?
When I’m looking and listening for that peace in my heart.
But I know I’ll never hear that sound.
Where do I go?
Where do I go when I’m trying to laugh but all I can do I cry?
I’m trying to keep on living because I’m not ready to die.
Where do I go because the sun never seems to shine?
Can you give me my life back’ it’s not yours, it’s mine?
How do I keep going, how do I fight this fight?
I’m tired of feeling beat down, but I’m trying with all my might!
Where do I go when my head hangs so low?
Please give me an answer because I just don’t know!
Where do I go?
Does it take very long
For me to find that peace and a place where I belong?
I need you to help me, help me to take a stand.
I’m scared to do it by myself; will you please take my hand?
Where do I go? Where do I go? Where do I go?
Do you know?

5, Wants To Needs © Tegan

What I want,
it doesn’t come by
working hard.
It comes so naturally,
or at is supposed to at least.
I would work so hard,
if only I had it.
But it doesn’t help.
It’s what everyone else has,
it’s so irresistible, but
it should come with a warning label.
It seems close,
so close,
I can smell it,
I can hear it,
I can taste it,
I can even see it, but
I can’t touch it.
It’s just out of reach.
But it’s not for me.
It never has been
never will be.
Maybe to some extent,
but not like that.
But I want it so badly,
it become a necessity.

6, 6 Lonely Tears © Angela Pilant

First I shed a single tear because we are apart,
wanting nothing but to be with you,
to make a brand new start

The 2nd tear I shed is a lonely tear indeed.
My mind goes wild, my body goes numb,
and my heart begins to bleed.

The 3rd tear I cry wanting to feel your touch,
to taste your kiss and lips on mine,
I want so very much.

The 4th tear I cry thinking of you at night,
wanting you to hold me
as I grip my pillow tight.

The 5th tear I cry stains my pillowcase.
My mind drifts off in la la land
as I take us to that place.

The 6th tear I shed my thoughts go very deep,
simply dream of me and you
as I drift off fast to sleep.

7, Waiting For Your Return © Charlene Khuah

never did you tell me
you were leaving me.

left me in one month,
waited for months.

alone sitting in this room,
so dark.
so alone.

crying my heart out
while waiting,
waiting for your return.

hoping you could feel
the tears that come down,
hoping you could see
my shattered heart.

sewing every piece back
never leaving me
without telling me
once more.

hoping for your quick return,
bringing us back together
once more.

8, Gone Forever © Dane Yule

I miss the times when you were here,
Telling me to have no fear.
To hold my head up high and strong,
Add happy notes to my sad song.

I miss the way you look at me
As if I were too blind to see.
The path I’m on might hurt and scathe,
But all goes well if you just have faith.

I miss the sound of your sweet voice,
Through bitter times a saving noise
That told me what was right and wrong
But rang in my ears for far too long.

A caring person, you were such
Who helped and hurt me, oh so much.
You’d guide and mislead me through the day
You left me lonely when I’d rather you stay.

Over things like that you had no control.
A rock set in motion will continue to roll.
No matter how hard you tug and heave,
You were always pushed and forced to leave.

Then one day you never returned,
My tears so hot they almost burned.
Aware now about what I lack,
But crying and mourning won’t bring you back.

For me to let out what I need to say.
I can’t do much more than pray.
No longer am I weak; my heart’s quite strong
From adding a happy chorus to a sad, sad song.

9, Sometimes I Get Lonely © Emily B

Sometimes I get lonely
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Always connecting but not connected

Sometimes I get lonely
Looking to the future
Forgetting to be in the present

Sometimes I get lonely
Thinking someday, one day
Never thinking right here, right now

Sometimes I get lonely
Phone’s on, WiFi’s up
Waiting for it to buzz

Sometimes I get lonely
Just waiting…
Always waiting…

10, Why Can’t He Love Me © Adriann Blair

Why can’t he see what I see,
Why can’t he read what I read,
Why can’t he love how I love,
Why don’t he want me by his side,
Why can’t he see that I need him.

I laugh at his crazy jokes
I cry when he cries
I’m there when no one else is there for him
I do what I need to, to make him smile
So why can’t he

11, The Stars Above © Emily

Orange and Pink shoot across the sky,
I can see it from where I lie,
The sun is setting, going to sleep,
The dark surrounds, like the ocean deep,

The stars come, twinkling lights,
Glittering diamonds, What a sight,
I lie in the grass and up I stare,
My body goes numb as I forget all my cares

I like to gaze up at the stars,
So I can forget my cares and all my scars,

I have no one to look after me,
The real me is someone no one can see,
So I’ll wait until I find some sort of love,
And until then it’s just me and the stars above.

12, I Am Lonely © Chantel Braatz

I am lonely everyday
as I watch the world
pass my way.

I am lonely in my room
as I stare at the walls
and been thinking of you.

I am lonely outside
as I see you
passing me by.

I am lonely inside
as I see that day
you had died.

13, A Dream Girl © Carl Sandburg

You will come one day in a waver of love,
Tender as dew, impetuous as rain,
The tan of the sun will be on your skin,
The purr of the breeze in your murmuring speech,
You will pose with a hill-flower grace.

You will come, with your slim, expressive arms,
A poise of the head no sculptor has caught
And nuances spoken with shoulder and neck,
Your face in pass-and-repass of moods
As many as skies in delicate change
Of cloud and blue and flimmering sun.

You may not come, O girl of a dream,
We may but pass as the world goes by
And take from a look of eyes into eyes,
A film of hope and a memoried day.

14, Lone Gentleman © Pablo Neruda

The gay young men and the love-sick girls,
and the abandoned widows suffering in sleepless delirium,
and the young pregnant wives of thirty hours,
and the raucous cats that cruise my garden in the shadows,
like a necklace of pulsating oysters of sex
surround my lonely residence,
like enemies lined up against my soul,
like conspirators in bedroom clothes
who exchange long deep kisses to order.

The radiant summer leads to lovers
in predictable melancholic regiments,
made of fat and skinny, sad and happy pairings:
under the elegant coconut palms, near the ocean and the moon,
goes an endless movement of trousers and dresses,
a whisper of silk stockings being caressed,
and womens breasts that sparkle like eyes.

The little employee, after it all,
after the weeks boredom, and novels read by night in bed,
has definitively seduced the girl next door,
and carried her away to a run-down movie house
where the heroes are studs or princes mad with passion,
and strokes her legs covered with soft down
with his moist and ardent hands that smell of cigarettes.

The seducers afternoons and married peoples nights
come together like the sheets and bury me,
and the hours after lunch when the young male students
and the young girl students, and the priests, masturbate,
and the creatures fornicate outright,
and the bees smell of blood, and the flies madly buzz,
and boy and girl cousins play oddly together,
and doctors stare in fury at the young patients husband,
and the morning hours in which the professor, as if to pass the time,
performs his marriage duties, and breakfasts,
and moreover, the adulterers, who love each other truly
on beds as high and deep as ocean liners:
finally, eternally surrounding me
is a gigantic forest breathing and tangled
with gigantic flowers like mouths with teeth
and black roots in the shape of hooves and shoes.

15, Are You Lonely Tonight? © Jeff Fleischer

Are you lonely tonight
Because your heart was broken?
Are you lonely tonight,
Shedding tears from all the emotion?
Please don’t be shy.
Just tell me if its okay for me to dropp by.
I’ll be the man you’ve always dreamed of.
I’ll hold you close to me and show you love.
I’ll help you through your pain and sorrow.
And after you wake up tomorrow,
We’ll take a walk near the ocean shore.
As time goes by, I’ll love you more and more.

16, Dear Diary © Ralph P Quinonez

Dear Diary,

As I make my entry today, again I cry.
Never thought this love would be so complicated,
Never thought that life would be so cold.
I think about him every day,
Knowing he will never return to me.
My life would have been so complete with him,
Now I have to live a life without him.
Oh, what a lonely and empty life I have been given.
My life consists of only memories of him
And what our life could have played out to be.
Each day I go back to you, my diary,
And write my deepest thoughts on your pages.
Each day I go out into the world and know that nothing is going to change.
The only change that can happen is the change inside my heart.
I need to deal with the pain and the loss and move forward in my life.
The love I had was a gift,
And I need to place this in your pages, my dear diary.
My heart will one day heal,
My mind will one day live again.

17, Kiss My Soul, Heal My Heart © Avi Fleischer

I’m sitting here alone, my thoughts within the past,
Thinking about you, a love I hoped would last.
Your warm and tender heart that seems so far away,
This yearning deep inside me that I must obey.

Please don’t leave me here alone; you must understand
That a lost love is like footsteps in the sand.
So, kiss my soul just one more time; that’s all I ask of you.
And heal my heart that aches for you, as only you can do.

The truth is all I want to know; I seek it in your eyes,
But the only thing I see is that the truth is full of lies.
Hold me now; I feel my soul slowly fade away.
Let me know you love me too; your heart I won’t betray.

Please don’t leave me here alone; you must understand
That a lost love is like footsteps in the sand.
So, kiss my soul just one more time; that’s all I ask of you.
And heal my heart that aches for you, as only you can do.

There is no place for me without you by my side.
A world without your love, the pain how can I hide?
I want to taste your lips, to feel your body rush,
And like a starving man, I hunger for your touch.

Please don’t leave me here alone; you must understand
That a lost love is like footsteps in the sand.
So, kiss my soul just one more time; that’s all I ask of you.
And heal my heart that aches for you, as only you can do.

18, I’m Getting Lonely © Skylar

It’s getting cold and I’m getting lonely
Wishing someone would sit down and hold me
Next to their chest in their arms
Our body heats the only thing keeping up warm
In his car on a Friday night
Nothing but trees by the moonlight
Well, maybe I’ll stay here forever
In my dreams forever
Wishing we could be here together
Just me and you
Just me and you
Well, I’m smiling now to myself
It’s just me by myself
In my bed with the covers on just turned over to set the alarm
Cause this isn’t an imaginary place
It’s unfair, but it’s a fact we have to face
But maybe I’ll stay in my dreams forever
Wishing we could be here together
Just me and you
Just me and you

19, What Is Love? © Ronita Lee

What is love
and why does love never find me?
Instead, broken hearts surround me,
And once again the wrong man found me,
saying he wouldn’t hurt me,
but in the end he didn’t deserve me
What is love
and why doesn’t love know my name?
I prayed to God that it would change,
but true love never came.
What is love?
I ask myself time after time.
Why is love so blind?
or I shouldn’t waste my time.
I guess broken hearts are only made for me,
because love finds everyone else but love never found me…

“There are worse things than feeling alone. Things like being with someone and still feeling alone.”

M. W Poetry

20, Lost From You © Sami Chester

I reached for you
But I couldn’t find you
I called for you
But you didn’t answer
I trusted you
But you didn’t care
‘Cause when I looked
You weren’t there

I searched up high
And I searched down low
But I don’t get it
Where’d you go?

You had always been there
Oh, so near
When I looked
You’d disappeared

Now my chest is getting tighter
I’ll drown in tears for sure
It’s getting hard to breathe
My heart aches more than pure

I wish that you could see me
And what you’ve put me through
So that way in the future
You’ll treat the next girl true

21, On Tears Lonely Lonely Cry © Maria Sudibyo

On tears lonely lonely cry
You always shade on my mind
Even you had flied away
Left me alone in the night

On tears lonely lonely cry
No one can take that place
My first love you have to know
You’ve never gone in my heart

Oh why, oh why
I can’t forget your kiss goodbye
I want crying to you
Bring this pain from my life

On tears lonely lonely cry
My first love you have to know
The memory was closed
In my broken lonely heart.

22, Loneliness And Care © Shishir

I am fighting a battle of loneliness and disrespect
My pain with relations has reached its crest
You gave me peace at the time of this war
I wish to move along with you in life very far
A thousand flowers bloom when you are around
My heart fills with joy on hearing your sound
For me, you are just like a precious gift of God
As all in this world happens only with His nod

“Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.”

Henry Rollins

23, Thinking Of You © Philicia A. Talamantes

I’m sitting here staring at the stars, thinking of you!
I feel so alone when you’re not around,
It feel’s as if the walls are coming down.
I close my eyes, and you’re here.
I see your face, feel your touch, and taste your kiss.
I’m constantly thinking of you.
When something goes wrong, and I’m down,
Thinking of you always brings me around.
When you’re gone, my world disappears.
Though thinking of you make’s me glad,
Being away from you makes me sad!
I’m thinking of you.
If you ever feeling alone just call on me I’ll be home.
I miss you so much I can’t bear the pain,
I only have myself to blame.
You’re the best guy I ever known,
I only wish I could have you for my own.
You stole my heart from the beginning,
Now you’re leaving. I’m thinking of you.
I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
I wish you could always be by my side.
Because you need to know.
You’ll always have a place here with me
From now till eternity.
I’m lying in bed
Thought’s of you spinning through my head.
And in the bottom of my heart
we will never be apart.

24, The Weathering Of Love © Quinn

I’m sorry I love you as more than a friend,
But the love that I have doesn’t come to an end.
You dwell in my thoughts, and to my mind I will keep
A love that’s for you, a love I hide deep
Your word has the power to tear me to shreds,
But my heart is what sinks, a feeling of dread.
The sight of you brings me down to my knees,
The slightest of touches, as strong as a breeze,
A breeze of love stale and cold,
For it is not to me that your heart has been sold.

25, Butterfly © Crystal R. Kordell

I was sitting on the bench in the park one day,
And saw a butterfly coming my way.
I opened my hand, and to my surprise,
the butterfly landed; consumed in cries.
I asked the little one,
“What is wrong?”
and then the little one began to sing me a song,
“The sky is dark and my days are grey, and there’s nobody here to lift the
clouds away.”
I sat there quietly for a moment or two and then I had decided what to do.
I looked at that butterfly that was consumed in cries,
and told her promptly, “I tell no lies.
Your skies are dark and days are grey because you have no love to light your way.”
The butterfly finally stopped her crying,
opened her wings and went off flying,
I sat on that bench until it was dark,
and then I finally left the park.
day after day had long since passed,
I thought I’d seen that butterfly for the last,
and then on a nice and sunny day,
I heard a little voice say to me, “Hey.”
I turned around, and to my surprise, there she was with her 3 little butterflies.
I stared in awe as she spoke to me.
She said to me, “You’ve set me free,
you’ve lifted the dark from the skies, and now I see no grey through my eyes,
I want to thank you for all you’ve done, and to let you know that you’re our number 1.”
And after that she flew away,
and I haven’t seen her since that day,
but now that I know her troubles are done,
I continue walk in the warm summer sun.

26, Take My Hand © Alokin Hokman

I thought that I was chasing dreams
While I was walking down those fast streams.
Chasing after love that will never be,
Now I am left stranded at deep open sea.

Will I ever find a way back to the shore?
All that I ask for is nothing more,
Just someone who can gently take my hand
And walk with me on the soft beach sand.

27, Waiting © Annette R. Hershey

Imagine the sun sinking
and dim turns to dark.
The silence that surrounds you,
the shadows that make their mark.
You wander around aimlessly,
too much time can be total hell.
Your heart hardened from waiting,
breaks with the bong of the clock’s bell.
The clouds, they mask the moonlight,
The mirror, it mimics your pain.
You sit and sigh and close your eyes
and hear the repetition of the rain.

28, Out Of Reality © Michaela Tatualla

I don’t know how it came to be,
that I love someone like you.
I know you’re out of reality,
But my love for you is true.

I know that you are just a dream,
Never will be true.
But you put my life out of glum,
And in my heart there is you.

Loving you is like chasing rainbows,
Beneath the pale blue sky.
I don’t know how it goes,
And I really wonder why.

I tried so hard to keep this feeling,
Cause loving you completes me.
I just hope it will not reach an ending,
Cause it will lead me to tragedy.

29, Why? © Carla Peters

Why do you tear me down
When all I do is build you up?
Why do you hate me so much?
Why do you deny my touch?

Is drinking that important
and family so expendable?
You call me names
and tell me I’m the one to blame.

It’s all my fault.
I deserve a verbal assault.
Not a bruise on my body,
only scars on my soul.

I am alone.
I am scared.
I’d be better on my own.
What happened to the love we shared?

I am fat, a slut, a whore, a liar,
when all I am is a crier.
You say I’m not faithful,
but it’s our relationship that’s not stable.

I don’t deserve this.
I am a good person.
Let’s try a kiss
to release my burden.

When will you stop?
Stop the drunken arguments that mean nothing.
I am tired, I am wore out, I can’t go on
knowing I am not on top.

I want to mean more than a liquid you pour down your throat,
the one that drives people away from you.
Does it mean that much to you
that you have to see all you can lose before something means more?

I love you with all my heart and soul,
But I am tired –
tired of being put last
when you are so wired.

You have to know my every move,
but what do you do for me?
I don’t ask much,
just asking for you to improve.

30, A Valentine’s Wish © Jamie K. Johnson

Have you ever set your heart on someone
Though you didn’t stand a chance?
Have you ever wished that someone
Would think the way you do?
Have you ever fallen in love with someone
Who didn’t love you too?
Have you ever tried to explain to them
The feelings in your heart,
Only to hear a response
That tears your heart apart?
Have you ever spent so much time with someone,
Even though it hurts inside?
Have you ever tried to save a friendship
By having your feelings hide?
Have you ever wanted that friendly hug to turn into a kiss?
Have you ever wished your heart would stop wishing
For those things that won’t come true?
Have you ever wished that that someone would try to love you too?

31, Should Have Told You I Loved You © Samantha Ganley

You said you didn’t love me.
You said you didn’t care.
You said I wasn’t worth it,
And then you gave me a stupid stare.

I told you that was fine.
I told you I didn’t mind.
I told you I wasn’t upset,
And with that you left me behind.

Now I think about what happened
As I cry myself to sleep.
I tell myself that I’ll be fine
And that I shouldn’t have to weep.

I tell my family I am happy.
I tell my friends I’m OK.
But what I really am feeling
Inside of me is starting to go grey.

I should have told you I loved you.
I should have told you to stay.
But you said you didn’t want to anymore,
And you turned away.

Now as we talk,
We joke, laugh, and play.
You think I’ve moved on,
While inside of me I am screaming, “STAY!”

You said you didn’t love me.
I said I didn’t care.
As I think about and regret it,
I know what we have we don’t share.

32, Wondering © Paige L. Barense

I was looking at the moon
Wondering if you were too,
I was looking at the stars,
Wondering if you were too,
I was looking at some pictures,
Wondering if you missed me,
I was looking in the mirror,
Wondering if you would come back,
I was wondering if you would choose her over me,
I was wondering if you knew who I was,
I was wondering if I knew who you still are,
I was wondering if you knew you betrayed us,
I love you, but now I am wondering if I still do?

33, Waiting For Love © Liz

I can feel you near so I turn around,
There you stand with the smile I love.

My heart is beating rapidly now as I look into your eyes.
I reach out my hand but you hesitate.
I read your eyes saying, “I’m sorry, we have to wait.”
I Keep my hand out hoping you’ll take it.
Still your eyes say it’s too soon.
It’s been only three months since your last relationship ended.

I walk to you and put my right hand on your chest, feel your heartbeat against my palm.
My heart aches and my stomach turns into a knot.
I feel your pain so fresh and want to take it away.
You take my hand and press it between yours. I see your eyes say, “Soon I will hurt no more.”

I smile and my eyes light up.
You smile back and look straight through my soul.
Your left hand reaches up and cups my right cheek.
Your thumb makes circular motions as you smile and look into my eyes.
I close my eyes, begin to lean forward.
Your right hand moves to my left cheek and you say, “Open your eyes, Liz.”
I look at you confused and begin to step back.
Your hands move to my shoulders and hold me in place.
My bottom lip quivers and tears well in my eyes.
You pull me close and hug me tight, “Shh, shh, don’t cry.”
I am hurting and want to bawl. I hear you say, “I promise we will kiss someday.”

I lift myself from your loving arms and nod in understanding.
“I know you will heal soon. I will wait until you do.
Just remember I am here for you whenever or whatever you need me for.”
You nod your head.
We hug once again and it’s time for us to temporarily part.
My heart and stomach ache because I know I’ll miss you horribly.

So here I am just waiting for that day when I finally hear you say, “Will you be mine? My one and only?”
I will shout, “YES!” and feel the joy my heart needs so desperately.
When that day comes I will be yours and you will be mine.
Until that day an emptiness remains that only you can fill.

34, Alone © Mariana

He once again has forgotten me.
Many unreasonably long hours pass,
And I am still alone,
Not one word heard.

Worn out and blue I feel.
Haven’t done much but still exhausted.
My thoughts belonging to him
Have distracted me throughout the day.

But like always,
Great times don’t seem to last.
One day love, hugs, and kiss.
Promises to always be there.

The next abandoned.
Tight burning words in my throat,
Waiting, a lot more patiently,
to be burst out.

It is what I want to scream.
Is what my heart yells.

Such pain is
My punishment
For falling into loves wings.
I am such a fool.

Such torture is
My prize
For falling into his arms.
I am only blind.

35, Words Unspoken © Day

It’s been 2 months since you left
And I think about you everyday,
Whenever I get lonely
I remember what you use to say

Never have I loved someone
As much as I love you
And even though you hurt me
My feelings will always remain true

I have so much to ask you
So much I want to say
Why did you leave me?
Why did things end up this way?

I think back to the last day I saw you
And the hurt that was in your eyes
I never once thought
That, would be our goodbyes

If there was anything I could take back
It would be the lonely nights
And my selfish ways
And maybe instead of writing this I would be holding you tight

36, Illusion Of A Fantasy © Ice Vixen

Where do I go, which way do I turn
searching for that love I so desperatly yearn
fading memories of a past I’d soon forget
isolated and alone waiting for the one not met.

Is he just a vision or does he really exist
illision of a fantasy like a ship in the mist
the truth of it all remains to be seen
for in this moment of time I can only dream.

Laying awake I stare into the night
doom and dread surround, like the demons I fight
river of emotions flow like a swift moving tide
spiraling so fast downward I slide.

Will ever I find that peace, I do not know
breaking down more with each passing blow
desperation and pain a part of everyday life
words not spoken that cut like a knife.

37, The Kiss © Sara Teasdale

I hoped that he would love me,
And he has kissed my mouth,
But I am like a stricken bird
That cannot reach the south.

For though I know he loves me,
To-night my heart is sad;
His kiss was not so wonderful
As all the dreams I had.

38, Rain On Me © Gia R. Davis

We all want the same love
That we are afraid to give.
To be loved by someone,
That is one of life’s greatest gifts.

But to love someone
Is a risk of both heartache and pain,
So we’d rather just sit
And watch the rain.

39, Tears Of Love © Candace

Tears of pain run down my cheek,
wishing I was able to hold the one I seek.

Tears from my heart I cry,
left out here alone to die.

Tears I cry from the soul,
wishing my heart was once again whole.

Tasting the tears,
trying to wipe away the fears.

Wondering if I will ever be able to hold the one I love,
wondering if someone will help me from above.

I can’t take this anymore, you’ve won,
Tears run down my cheek, as I hold this gun.

40, Sonnet XXX: Love is Not All © Edna St. Vincent Millay

Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink
Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain;
Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink
And rise and sink and rise and sink again;
Love can not fill the thickened lung with breath,
Nor clean the blood, nor set the fractured bone;
Yet many a man is making friends with death
Even as I speak, for lack of love alone.
It well may be that in a difficult hour,
Pinned down by pain and moaning for release,
Or nagged by want past resolution’s power,
I might be driven to sell your love for peace,
Or trade the memory of this night for food.
It well may be. I do not think I would.

“Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.”

Douglas Coupland

“When we cannot bear to be alone, it means we do not properly value the only companion we will have from birth to death – ourselves.”

Eda J. LeShan

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