Love Poems For Girlfriend – 35 Best Poems to Melt her Heart


It is not easy for some men when  they don’t know how to take care of and show love to women on a daily basis.It is a challenging job to know what they reckon and look for what they want. But after all, the key of love is romance and beautiful things. For example, a warm breakfast, a happy day at the weekend, a song or a poem can contribute to a sweat love.

Here, we have collected more than 30 love poems for her – romantic poems about love for a girlfriend. I hope these sweet and meaningful love poems will help you express your thoughts for her. Hope you have beautiful moments on PoemFull.Com. All is the best, enjoy it!

“I realized I was thinking of you, and I began to wonder how long you’d been on my mind. Then it occurred to me: Since I met you, you’ve never left.”


Love Poems For He
Love Poems For Her – 32 Poems About Love For Girlfriend

1, I Love You © Samiul Zubair

I praise God for sending me you, my love.
I praise him for changing my view.
Now you are here with me, and I’m here with you.
Now will you let me love you?

I always thought that love was wrong,
But everything changed when you came along.
For the rest of my life, I want to be with you,
To touch your hand and stay with you.

I’ll stay beside you, honest and true.
Till the end of my time, I will always love you.
In my lifetime, I’ll never leave you.
Now and forever, I’ll be there for you.

Love is divine, mine is true.
I love you more than I ever knew.
Will you please let me love you?

I thank God for letting me see you.
I thank Him for giving me you.
Now I want to shout that I love you.

2, Would It Be Ok? © Ryan Stiltz

Would it be ok if I opened my heart?
Would it be ok if I took on the part

Of being your man and showed you a view,
One that only a real man could do?

Would it be ok if I could make you smile?
Would it be ok if I held you awhile?

Would it be ok if I kissed your face?
Would it be ok if I were to replace

All the men in your past that just wouldn’t do
And vow to be faithful and always be true?

Would it be alright to look in your eyes?
Would it be alright to never tell lies?

Would it be alright to find a way?
Would it be alright to long for the day

To pull you close and whisper in your ear
And tell you our feelings are nothing to fear?

Would it be ok if I took some of your time?
Would it be ok if I wrote you a rhyme?

To tell you there’s nothing I’d rather do
Than spend my whole life loving only you…

3, If Only… © Mulungi J. Victor

If only you knew what
You mean to me.
If only my heart could speak,
Then it could tell you how much l love you.
If only I could give you gold or diamonds,
But oh, my dear, l have only my heart.
I give it all to you.
Just be careful with it.
Never break it.
If only you knew that you mean
The world to me.
If only you knew that I am more than willing
To give my life to you,
Then you should trust me
And give me your heart.
Let me be the person you will spend
The rest of your lifetime with.
Let me be your better half.

4, For Her © Jamie Emms

Your lips so soft and red.
The thought of kissing you is stuck in my head.
Your beauty so bright and warm,
shinning through the darkest storm.
Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky.
When I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.
My love for you is pure and true.
I never stop thinking of you.
The sound of your voice saying, “I love you,” makes my heart pound,
because I know my one and only I’ve truly found.
I promise to love you for every moment of forever,
and when everything else crumbles, I will never.
I am your armor to protect you from harm,
like you are to me, a lucky charm.
For you are my heart, my soul.
Baby, you are my whole world.

5, Someone Special © Jason Wischerman

I remember the first day we made eye contact
Because that’s the day my life turned around
I knew from that very moment
True love is what I had found

The way you looked in my eyes
And flashed me your beautiful smile
Told me from that very moment
Your what I was looking for all the while

The way that you make me feel inside
Takes my every breath away
I’ve never come across anyone like you
That can leave me feeling this way

You know I love you with every ounce of my heart
And wouldn’t want anything to ever change
But no matter what ever happens
I will always love you the same

And I know there are things about me
That I’m not really proud of
But you look right through all the bad
And still give me 100% of your love

It’s not often that anyone in the world
Could find someone so special like you
I am thankful everyday of my life
To be blessed with someone so loving, and true

It truly is a blessing to have you
And to be able to share our love together
Losing you can never be an option
Because I want to spend my life with you forever

6, My Everything © Emarah H

Why are you so beautiful?
Why do you take my breath away?
How did I get so lucky?
How are you perfect in every single way?

Your laugh should be illegal because it’s too cute.
I never want to spend a minute without you.
The way you kiss me takes my breath away.
Seeing you is the best part of my day.
You are so special,
And I’m glad that I can say you are mine,
Because when I’m with you I feel extraordinary
All of the time.

7, I Love You Baby © Josh Troutman

Baby you mean the world to me
And I know we were meant to be
I’ve never felt this way about someone
I know that you are the one

You’re the only girl I want to be with
For the rest of my life
And I always dream about the day
That I make you my wife

I can’t even begin to explain
How you make me feel
You make my heart beat so fast
It seems too good to be real

I wish you were here with me now
So I could kiss those soft lips of yours
I’d caress your beautiful face
And prove that I love you more

I want to fall asleep next to you
every night
And wake up every morning knowing
You’ll be the first thing in my sight

It would break my heart
If we ever left each other
So let’s stay together forever
Up ’till our last breath

8, A Toast To Forever © Josh Mertens

You’re the one I can’t live without
This fact is true, I have no doubt
I love the way you smile at me
I love the way together we’re free
You may be strange and slightly loony
But all this means nothing to me
Because you are who you are
And I can see your beauty
Inside and out
Which is what threw me

When everyday I see you
Till then I cannot wait
To know what we will go through
Are in the hands of fate
The first time that I saw you
I knew I must steal your heart
I hope that it’s mine for ever
And that we never do part

You are the one I love the most
And to this here fact I propose a toast;
May we grow old and still have fun
Because I love you and my heart you’ve won

9, I Will Love You. Forever © Michael

Days come and go
But my feelings for you are forever
I am just not capable
To stop them. Never.

We were torn apart
It was very hard
But I loved you from the start
And lost my heart to you at some part.

After it everything became surreal
And everything became kind of rough
But smart I know you are
Please don’t lose my heart, but hold it tough.

I deeply hope someday
It will be me
That proudly can say
“In your arms is my place to be.”

I am sorry for everything
Don’t forget that ever
Because days come and go
And my feelings for you are forever.

10, My Angel, My Girlfriend © Rick Morley

Some people believe there is a one,
The one who points your way to the sun.
A person they believe makes them complete,
The one who will support when facing defeat.

You are my angel, my one and only,
My forever love, so we’ll never be lonely.
You’ve brought to my life all your love and care.
It made me see when I realized how rare
It is to meet your angel, or their lifetime one,
Through you and my children, whose life has begun.

What you’ve done, you’ve illuminated my soul.
It’s you and your love that has made me whole.
The feel of your love, your soft touch and caress,
We’re tight, so close; your heart beats in my chest.

All that we have always felt missing before.
Though I love you today, tomorrow it will be more.
Our love is life; we are the strongest tree,
Which will always grow forever, like you and me.

You have opened my heart and held it so dear.
You are my angel and will always keep it near.
You have seen my ups and cared when I was low.
You are my angel; I just need you to know.

You entered my life through a ray of sun above,
And when we leave, we will leave together in love.
My love for you has become my reason to be.
I hope one day you’ll find your angel in me.

11, You Could Be The One © Byron Cobb

You could be the one,
the one I’ll stay with till I die.
You are the greatest in every way,
and I’m not telling a lie.
Out of every person in the world,
you are the best.
In every location on the planet,
from the North East South and West.
You are so beautiful,
even from afar,
please stay the same,
you’re perfect just the way you are.

12, My Melody © Eric Pribyl

Amazing and beautiful,
not a flower or a tree.
Much prettier than that,
and only I can see.

Loving and caring
right down to the core.
Filling me with happiness
and so much more.

Eyes are so stunning,
cannot look away.
Gorgeous and shining
all throughout the day.

Here in your arms
is where I belong.
The beating of your heart
is like a beautiful song.

13, If I Could Compare You… © James Jennings

I wish to compare you to all the best, it all seems so cliché,
All the best “compare’s” are taken, so now I fall into deep thought.
To a rose, your petals blue, your scent is so subliminal,
A sunset to as well, your colors blend so very perfectly.
To the first breath a child takes, fresh from the womb,
You are the first breath I take, morning, night and noon.
I say this not, for saying’s sake, or to gain your love,
I say this all to show my love, to convey my heart, toward a dove.
Through the peaks of our love, and the valleys of our pain,
You showed me how to live not in the purity of vain.
You have become my heart, my soul, my brain.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can’t compare you to others,
Moreover I compare others to you.

14, You’re My… © Neftali Rosales

You’re my sun on a cloudy day
You’re my umbrella on a rainy day
You’re my everything what can I say
You’re in my mind each and everyday
I think about you when I lay down to bed
I think about you while I am taking a test
You’re my Number one and you’re the best
You’re like a tattoo in my mind that will never be erased
I’ll Love you forever because this isn’t a phase
It’s just that I love you in my Unique way

15, Mad Without You © Stephen Thompson

M issing you so very much
A nd longing for your slightest touch
D ancing on the edge of doom

W e struggle just to find some room
I nside each others little world
T ingling swells within my chest
H old on to her forget the rest
O f all the fears that try and tear
U s apart from something rare
T o have you in my arms will be

Y our best ever gift to me
O h sweetness I am waiting for you
U nleesh upon me your violet hue.

16, Have You Ever Met Someone… © Jason J. Beaton

Have you ever met someone you think about
every night and every day,
someone so beautiful it’s breathtaking
and words just aren’t enough to say?

Have you ever met someone so special
you can’t imagine life without,
someone you want to talk forever
and learn everything about?

Have you ever met someone just as crazy
who wanted to have just as much fun,
someone you can dance all night with
and together watch the rising sun?

Have you ever met someone so amazing
you wish you could pause the time so it doesn’t end?
This someone is you,
and I’d like you to be my girlfriend.

17, Just Because I Love You © Theron H. Cyrus

Just because I love you
I will smile at you everyday
Give you my very best
And support you in every way…

Just because I love you
I will give you your heart’s desire
Wake up in love with you daily
And your love I’ll always treasure…

Just because I love you
My heart smile to think of your love
You are my darling, my princess
My sweet angel from above…

Just because I love you
The best in my life you are
I give you my heart forever
And my life, my dreams with you I share

Just because I love you
Hand in hand I’ll walk with you
Treasuring every moment
And letting you know that my love is true

Just because I love you
Yes I love you true and true
Loving you forever
And spending the rest of my life with you

Just because I love you
Anything for you I’ll do
And when it really comes down to it
I’ll always saying that, “I LOVE YOU!!!”

18, You © Bryce Jennings

It’s that look in your eye.
It’s the smile on your face
That makes time slip by,
And I know I’m in a better place.

It’s the memories of you I have
That make any grey sky turn blue
And lets me know these feelings I have
Are true.

Getting lost in my dreams
With the mere image of you.
It’s hard to imagine; it seems
A future lost, one without you.

So I leave my arms open,
And I’ll wish and may pray,
Eyes focused and hoping
For your embrace just one more day.

19, Someone Inside Me © Luis Brillantes

There is a person right inside of me
who’s deeply in love with you
a person who would sail any sea
all of that he would do, just for you

He’s not afraid of anything
completely nothing at all
because for you he will concur all his fears
to save you from all those tears

This person I wish to bring out someday
so I can finally say
this three words I keep deep inside me
which has been trying to break free

I know the time will come
when I can finally tell you
this three wonderful words which are
I Love You

20, Shadowing Eternity © Oscar Grullon

A special place for you and me
An undying bond to guide us free
Loneliness blocking the day
Our Love lighting the way

Your gentle touch
Your smiling face
There is no corner
No dark place

Our passion flowing in the waves
My heart stands still
Awaiting your pace

Our love, withstanding time
Diminishing doubt, in our mind
There is no place I rather be…
Than in your heart and in your dreams…

21, Until You Came… © James Toles

Until you came into my world,
there was nothing but darkness and gloom.
My world was missing the clouds and the sun,
and also the stars and the moon.
I never believed in magic,
but you just appeared from thin air.
I thought I would only be lonely in life,
but now I’m a complete a pair.
You make me who I am at this point,
mold me in every way.
There’s not a precious moment,
where I do not want to give you my entire day.
The passion between us is strong,
ferocious to those that see.
The feelings that are shared between us.
Me for you and you for me.

22, To You From Me © Nick Maas, Justin Adams

My mind is longing for love,
A love my heart just found.
Words will not describe
The emotions I feel inside
When we are together.
I need to hold you close.
Heart to mind or lips to lips.
I love your smile, your sexy charm,
Your valiant walk, your long flowing hair.
All these things set off alarms.
To each day I walk alone,
No one can fill my heart… your home.
I think about you all day,
But mostly when I lie awake.
I never dreamt much in the past;
Now I do, and it’s for you.
I will stand by your side,
Through thick and all,
To see that gorgeous smile
That always makes me fall.
When you think you have nothing left,
I SWEAR to you, I’ll be left.
Your gentle lips and your beautiful glow,
An angel I have, from head to toe.
I know these words, my heart has shown,
To you I vow these words alone.


23, To The Love Of My Life © Joe Mizon

I had spent so many years leering into the vast darkness of night.
I was searching for the answers that could complete the puzzle of my life.
Like so many nights before, waiting for a shooting star to wish upon.
And every time I found one I wished for someone like you to come along.

I used to lie in bed at night and dream a dream of you
And I would fall asleep feeling so alone and awaking as I always do.
To my empty bed with pillows piled to hug like you were near.
And I would feel so sad inside knowing, it was a dream you were not here.

So back to heavens skies I would go at night, and stare up at the stars
And feeling so small amongst it all, wishing upon my shooting star from afar
But after many long cold nights of searching through the skies
On a cold December afternoon I received the most amazing surprise

The surprise was meeting you my love, my angel from above
You shower me with tenderness and uncontested love
You give to me the strength I need to be a better man
And to know what love is really like, you help me to understand

Your smile sets my soul ablaze, and your voice carries like song
You lift me up from feeling down when every thing goes wrong
You complete my puzzle and were the piece I could not find
But now together with you in life I can not get you off my mind

You are in my dreams at night and my thoughts throughout the day
I never thought I could love someone in every single way
I was destined to meet you my angel and that is true to see
I was made for loving you and you were made for loving me.
I impatiently wait until we can be united eternally in life
With me as your loving husband and you as my loving wife

24, Forever Ruthie Cee © Richard Sione

Anyone can tell you they love you.
Anyone can flatter you and tell you you’re beautiful.
Anyone can make you smile and happy.
Anyone can promise you the world
And the stars and the finest things of life.

But I don’t want to be anyone; I want to be the one,
The one who makes you wake up smiling,
The one who makes you walk down the street knowing someone loves you,
The one to bring heaven on Earth for you,
The reason for your joy and happiness.

You are my love,
You are my friend, my lady,
And one day the mother of my children.
In you I have seen my future,
And in the glow of your eyes and your smile
I know that I found my soulmate.
I love you, baby.

25, My Soulmate © Aldo Pepic

You are golden
You deserve the best things money can buy
But unfortunately I cannot afford them
Instead I give you the best things that are priceless
My heart, my kindness things that are righteous
I write this poem to you, I hope that you like it.
Kissing your lips, holding your hand
You’ve made this broken guy into a once again wholesome man
You’re sweet and kind
You’re that sweetheart of mine
Like a brain tumor baby you stay on my mind.
I love hearing you laugh and seeing you smile
You’ve made me feel what I haven’t felt in awhile
Loved and appreciated
Thank you Baby I appreciate it!
This may be just the beginning I’m hoping it won’t end
Thank you for keeping it real showing me others were pretend
If you need a hand baby both arms to you I will lend, extend
You’re my love, my boo, my best friend
For you I am grateful
I’m hungry for your kisses
Your lips are so tasteful
What you bring to the table sure is a plate full
When it comes to your heart I sure am not playful
I will not toy with your emotions
Because BabyGirl you fill up my world like the Oceans…

26, When I Am With Her © Richard Giron

When I am without her,
the sun doesn’t shine as brightly.
When I am without her,
the clouds are dark and foreboding.
When I am without her,
the birds don’t sing as sweetly.
When I am without her,
the walls close in on me.
When I am without her,
in the depths of my hell, whispering her name sustains me.
But when I am with her,
she lifts me up.
When I am with her,
I have the strength to move mountains.
When I am with her,
I can withstand anything.
When I am with her,
her smile warms my very soul.
When I am with her,
the angels sing her name.
When I am with her,
I fall in love all over again.

27, When Your Hero Falls From Grace © Cara

Once protected you felt so safe
Now everything you knew means nothing;
I see the fear in your face
What are you to do
When your hero has fallen from grace

Who will you run to now?
Who will shield you from the storm?
Who will dry your eyes?
When all you feel is hurt?

I know your faith is shaken
Your spirits grown weary
Nothing is worthwhile when hope is slowly fading

I beg you stop looking towards the skies
Open your heart, and shut your eyes
I promise I will protect you from all the lies;
Let me in, I’ll warm the cold
I’ll restore the light your hero sold

Now open your eyes and that world disappears
There is nothing, there is no one
But you and I

Do you feel the calm?
Do you hear my heart?
Do you feel the warmth?
Do you believe in my love?

Now open your eyes and that world reappears
But remember baby, your heart I hold so close, so dear.
Now take my hand outreached to you
And know with me you’ve nothing to worry
There is Nothing to fear.

28, Our Love For You My Princess © Jaxs Da G.

Love is not a thing you get a lot
but love the girl you have got…
she is always there to care for you
the thing we have is oh so true…

She is so sweet and kind
and she’s the only girl on my mind…
our love is not a game
we love each other just the same…

She is my princess and my life
I can’t wait for the day to make her my wife…
then I can be with her 24/7
and she is the girl that I take to heaven…


29, Rebecca © Aaron Garcia

Oh my darling love how I adore thee
Your skin is as soft as flower petals
Your face carries the sun’s bright light to me
Your luscious lips touch mine like cold metals

Your long graceful fingers wrap mine gently
Your deep blue eyes reflect that of the sea
How sweet your voice is as it sings lightly
The refined swing of your hips; all for me

But oh, my love, we take it for granted
We go down together floating… floating
Without a farewell, you leave me stranded
I dreamt of you as you left me dying

All the splendid times we’ve shared together
How I’ve longed to be with you forever

30, The Way I Love You © Stephen Osei Acheampong

The way l love you
I never really know how you feel
I can’t read your mind
I just keep waiting
Take me to your heart
Show me where to start
Let me play the part of your first love.
Oh, l know how down deep you love me
But are you ever gonna love me
The way l love you?

31, Just A Glance And There You Were © Peter

Just a glance, a look and there you were,
for me to have, to choose, to care
for life is nothing with no dare.
it’s boring when it’s all care,

Wasn’t sure you’d look my way,
for like looking for a needle in hay,
finding true love is the same way,
and I thank heavens for that day,

Love you I will forever,
the ties we have to never sever,
always around you in a tether,
all our time we spend together,
like the famed birds of a feather,

Did not know you would leave,
thought you were around to live,
your absence though hard to believe,
love will I always

32, Holly © Brandon

Her beauty is that of a million diamonds glittering in the sun
Each reflecting its own ray of light making brilliant patterns
The angels gasp in the wake of her presence
She in herself being a masterpiece of God’s work
As his giant gentle hands molded her he knew exactly who she would be

She would be the one who could make a man stop and gasp
Who could content a man just being within his arms
Making him fill with warmth through just a brush of the lips
Whose smile could light up the surrounding darkness
Whose laugh could make anyone believe they had wings

She would be the one who that young man would fall for
Who would see her true beauty in the surrounding gloom
Who would long for mere minutes with her
Who would always long for just the feel of her hand

He would know how lucky he was
He wouldn’t mistake infatuation over love
He would realize all prayers had been answered
He would simply pray “I want her to be the one”

33, My Sweet Savior © Hunter Wortham

I felt so rejected, alone and sad,
like an abandoned puppy left to wander a street.
It was then that I realized that my life was really bad,
so I disowned every challenge I happened to meet.

I just gave up on trying to make others happy,
so I fell in a hole that was too deep to climb.
I sure didn’t care if others felt crappy.
People got on my nerves for such a long time.

‘Til that day I saw someone who changed my ways.
It was someone I knew and disliked so much,
but the way that I felt when my eyes met her gaze
I forgot all my troubles, my sorrows and such.

She helped pull me out of that hellish, dark hole.
I got all my thoughts back on track and my heart set in place.
She filled up this feeling, one that never felt full.
She got rid of my hatred, which I’ll never re-trace.

It was then that I noticed how my life would get better, for sure.
She became my sweet savior, a gift from above.
My life would be nothing had I never met her.
I’m glad that I have someone now that I love.

34, So There’s This Girl! © Hunter Mcmurray

So there’s this girl,
not just any girl,
The only girl for me,
She tears when I cry,
She stands by my side,
So yeah there’s this girl,
she’s the only girl,
she makes me smile day by day,
She makes me joyfull, when I’m put to shame,
I see the glitter in her eye,
I want to kiss her untill I cry,
She makes my emotions set me deep,
my hands would drag over my feet,
So yeah there’s this girl,
she will always be, the only girl.

35, The Love For Sarina © Michael Navarro

My love for you runs so deep,
It is hard for me to even sleep.

Every time I see your eye,
All I want to do is cry.

When I touch your lovely skin,
I get so nervous from within.

You’re hug and lips is what I miss,
But what I miss more is your kiss.

Knowing that we will be apart,
How much this is breaking my Heart.

You’re all I want as you can see,
The love from you is all I need.

I so desire not to leave,
I know this is something you need.

I write this poem for my sweetheart,
I love you from the depth of my heart

I love you Sarina…

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