Poems About Letting Go – 40 Beautiful Poems And Touching


When you fall in love with someone, you hope that your relationship would endure a lifetime but love is a complex and changing emotion. You can face many problems such as continuing a relationship or marriage or giving up a past love. All things can frighten, unsure, and stressful. But don’t yearn for things to return to the way they were. Bring yourself back to the present. This is where life happens. You can’t undo the past; all you can do now is make better decisions that will influence how your future develops.

Learning to let go is not as difficult as it may sound. You will not be able to enjoy life to the fullest if you continue to perpetuate. It only hurts your own emotional (and even physical) state. Accept that you cannot control everything and embrace living in the now.

We’ve compiled a list of 40 moving on poems – the most passionate poetry on letting go.
Let’s enjoy 40 meaningful poems about letting go and moving forward just below. All is the best, hope you have meaningful moments on Poemfull.Com!

If you want to fly in the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you need to let go the past that drags you down.

Amit Ray

Moving On Love Poems
Moving On Love Poems – 40 Touching Poems About Letting Go

1, Letting Go © Angela Davis

For so long I buried and denied
the anger that dwelt within
for all the horrid deeds done to me
that which I could not repress
I redirected at me
so strong was my fear
so ingrained the self loathing

I must have been horrible
I must have been ugly
I must have been stupid
and unworthy
else you would have loved me

So many years it took
to know this is false
So many years of my life lost
to the harm that you caused

You left me broken
You left me shattered
I was afraid and alone
and you didn’t give a second thought

Now I am happy
and filled with hope
instead of despair
and you have the nerve
to write and ask how I am
Might you come for a visit

To tell you the truth
I owe you so much
I couldn’t have gotten here without you
They say before things get better
you have to hit rock bottom

You took me there
and beyond
and left it to others
to pick up the shattered pieces

We have done just fine
without you
Don’t bother to call
do not write again
I don’t need you
sure as hell don’t want you

Go about your life
and find someone else
yes, I was hurt
yes, I was angry

But I have let go,
you should too…

2, Letting Go © Judy Burnette

How do you walk away from someone you love
And take the road of friend;
Can you reroute the course you have taken
And start over once again?

I don’t really want to let you go
But inside me I know I must;
The times we’ve loved . . . the times you’ve left
My heart says stay . . . but it’s my mind I must trust.

We have shared so much together
Laughter . . . fun times . . . tears;
Yet sometimes we can’t turn back time
We must walk away, and allow ourselves to heal.

I know one day you will be happy
And your soulmate you will find;
I know we each have one out there
Even if for now . . . only in our minds.

May life be gentle with you
May God’s best come your way;
And on some quiet tomorrow
You will realize things were better this way.

3, Letting Go © Shelbi

One gun, one bullet, one shot, one miss
Our love, our hug, our song, our kiss
My tears, my hurt, my pain, your bliss

I hope you will remember this
That day I cried, when you left me
the tears filled my eyes, and I couldn’t see
but most of all I couldn’t believe
That It was true, you finally left me

I loved you so much
I just wanted to be with you,
I would stay by your side, through anything
Wait for you by the phone, wait for it to ring
And when it does it won’t be you
Besides to you,
Our love was never true,
so I’m sorry you don’t love me,
and I’m sorry you don’t care
But even though you’ve broken my heart,
and viciously torn my world apart,
I’ll be there for you,
Through everything,
And I’ll still wait by the phone,
waiting for it to ring,
And when it’s not you,
I might just let go,
And hope one day you will soon see that maybe,
just maybe,
we were meant to be

4, Let Go © Shelby T. Parsons

What do I do,
When I’m still in love with you?
You walked away,
‘Cause you didn’t want to stay.
You broke my heart, you tore me apart.
Every day I wait for you,
Telling myself our love was true.
But when you don’t show, more tears start to flow.
That’s when I know
I have to let go.

5, He’s Gone © Ariana Cabrera

He’s gone
The one I love
The one I admire
Who puts my hopes to fire
My hero, the one who sets my heart in desire
He guided me
He pushed me to achieve
But after all this he leaves
The one I cherish the one who set my goals
Then he goes
He’s gone
Why did this have to happen
Why did he have to hit the road
Without him I’m a sunken boat
I have his memories, his childhood, a part of his life…
Now he has a wife.
He’s gone.

6, A One-Sided Love © Kiara W

Once upon a time I opened up my heart to you.
You did what you chose to do.
You chose to keep my as a best friend.
Little did you know I was dying to the very end.
You killed me with every boyish look.
My heart melted and my knees shook.
I always wanted more than that,
But I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
But you’ll never truly know how much you meant to me.
You were always there
And wiped away every tear.
I just wish you would’ve waited, stayed here.
I still dream about you in this one-sided love.
It’s hard to breathe without you,
Like a suffocating dove.
I wish you loved me the way I loved you,
But this is a lesson that helped me learn the truth.
Guard your heart and soul and mind,
Unless you want yourself in an unruly bind.
This one-sided love has torn my apart.
This one-sided love has broken my heart.
Please be safe on this journey of life,
And come back someday and make me your wife.
This one-sided love is a dangerous game,
But then again, that’s the name of the game…

7, Always Be © Sopheap Cabaniss

We’ve connected through times of joy
Even through times of pain
I can see right through your show and
Unfortunately, I have to let you know
That you are the one for me
You have and will always be

I’ve seen the way you look at me
And although I may turn with chagrin
I’ll never be able to show you
Just the way I feel
I know that one day I will be free
From this feeling of regret and sorrow
But for now, all I have to say is

My life will move on today
With or without you ..will you stay
If I beg you, don’t leave
Will you still be there for me
And if I should choose to let you see
You have and will always be
The only one for me

Someday down the line
Maybe one day I’ll let you in
It’s been the hardest thing for me
To feel this way and pretend
But maybe one day if there’s a chance
You’ll see exactly what I saw
That I am the one you need
For now, I just want to be free

8, Letting Go Takes Love © Jazlle D. H.

How to let someone you love go
and let the friendship remain?
Can we turn back the time
and start over once again?

We don’t really want to let go
but deep inside us is echoing we must.
Our hearts insist to stay
but it’s the mind we should trust.

We have shared a lot of good times;
the words of wisdom brought us together
the principles in life made us closer
and love lead us to understand better.

One day we will be happy again
with our love ones, with our self-consciousness
and on some quiet tomorrow
we will realize things were better this way
letting go takes love.

9, Same Song © Leonna Alcaraz

Loving you when you’re gone is like listening to my favorite song.
I’ve just been listening to this one for far too long.

It’s hard to stop listening when the birds sing it too.
I guess in my world it really is a popular tune.

I’ve replayed it so many times that I sing it in my head.
It’s the last thing I listen to before I go to bed.

But we all know after a while all songs get old,
And after that while I’ll learn to let go.

10, To “Let Go” Takes Love © Robert Paul Gilles

To “let go” does not mean to stop caring; it means I can’t do it for someone else.
To “let go” is not to cut myself off; it is the realization that I can’t control another.
To “let go” is not to enable, but to allow learning from natural consequences.
To “let go” is to admit powerlessness, which means the outcome is not in my hands.
To “let go” is not to try to change or blame another; it is to make the most of myself.
To “let go” is not to care for, but to care about.
To “let go” is not to “fix”, but to be supportive.
To “let go” is not to judge, but to allow another to be a human being.
To “let go” is not to be in the middle arranging all the outcomes, but to allow others

to affect their own destinies.
To “let go” is not to be protective; it is to permit another to face reality.
To “let go” is not to deny, but to accept.
To “let go” is not to nag, scold, or argue, but instead to search out my own

shortcomings and to correct them.
To “let go” is not to adjust everything to my desires, but to take each day as it

comes, and to cherish myself in it.
To “let go” is not to criticize and regulate anybody, but to try to become what I

dream I can be.
To “let go” is not to regret the past, but to grow and to live for the future.
To “let go” is to fear less and to love more.

11, You’re Better Off Being Happy © Harry T. Cleaver

I’m glad you’re happy.
I guess it’s what I deserve.
I can’t change the fact
You make my heart swerve.

I had my chance,
I screwed it all over.
Threw away my only luck
Like a four leaf clover.

I’m not saying that I’m perfect,
I’m not saying I’m a nice guy,
But be mine once again.
Not only will I make it worth it,
But I’ll bloody try.

You really don’t understand,
You’re worth more than a hundred grand.
I never wanted it to be like this.
It hurts because you’re the one my heart will miss.

I can’t take back the moment.
I can’t make your happiness change.
Don’t look at me now, I’m broken.
It’s like I’m being shot at a shooting range.

12, Letting Go © Katie Stanton

The room was dark,
The room was drear,
And all I could feel
Was a rush of fear.

The shades were down,
And it was hard to see,
But I could hear her heart beat,
And it comforted me.

Her eyes were closed,
Fast asleep was she.
Her breathing was steady,
But soon she’d pay a fee.

The air in the room went stale,
And that’s when I finally knew.
Things had been held overtime
To see if her strength had grew.

But she was old,
She’d served her time,
And I knew at that exact moment
That this would be her last of mine.

Her breathing slowly subsided,
And the pulse came to a slow.
I knew within minutes,
She would quietly go.

I thought of all her triumph.
I thought of all her pain.
Then I realized I couldn’t let go.
Because of me she left in vain.

The look upon her face was pleasant.
It was how you’d want to die.
But looking upon her gladdened face,
I couldn’t help but know God was passing

A moment later the heart beats stopped,
And I was all alone,
In that place where my mouth went dry,
And death had set it’s tone.

13, Forget © Kristine

The stars above keep reminding me
Of the times that we spent,
But the memories that we share
Have come to an end.

Now I just need to accept
That we are already done.
But now that you’re gone,
It hurts to forget.

14, Carry On © Briana D. Washington

I don’t hate you,
Because I still love you.
I can’t look at you,
Because it hurts to.
We don’t talk,
Because there is nothing left to say.
You apologized,
But I just walked away.
I’m leaving you and the thought of you behind,
Because I just need to clear my mind.
I’m angered because you wasted my time,
Hurt because I believed you were mine,
But I just didn’t see the signs.
I guess that’s why they say love is blind,
Because you got my heart caught in binds.
Look me in my eyes,
And listen as my heart cries,
Cries out in pain.
This feeling makes me feel like I’m covered in flames,
Until ashes are all that remain.
Thought you were different,
But you’re all the same.
Thought this was real,
But it was all a game.
I gave you my love,
And you gave it away.
That’s why my heart is blue
And my skies are gray.
Will I ever see the light of day?
Will this dark cloud ever go away?
Or will it follow me for my remaining days?
Grasp all my joy and strip it away?
NO! I am too bold.
Way too bold to be stuck in the cold.
I am way too strong not to carry on.

15, You In 8.2 © Rose Abbott

Only seconds
to fall in love,
to be immersed,
to want someone.

Only seconds
to hold a hand,
to be taken away
to an exhilarating land.

Only seconds
to kiss their lips,
to be elated,
to be in bliss.

Only seconds
to fall for a friend…

But only seconds
for it all to end.

16, You Taught Me To Let Go… © Ashley Fields

Used to listen when you said you would always be there.
I sit and think about all the times we had together,
and how I thought I used to love you, when you used to care.
I’d last through any weather,
but when the our storm came you left at the first sight of rain,
leaving me here
to deal with all this pain.
I sat there crying, thinking what did I do wrong,
I looked to my mother who said, “Baby stay strong,”
so I wiped my tears and begin anew,
new me, new life, and happiness without you.
Someday you’ll miss me, but it will be too late for us to be.
You didn’t know what you were missing,
but now you do, calling me crying saying, “Baby, I love you.”
I love you too; that’s why I’m letting you go.
I’m a hell of a good woman.
It’s too bad it took you this long to know.
What we had is in the past, it’s a reason we didn’t last,
but whenever you get discouraged about why we’re through,
just look in the mirror
because it’s all on you…
I hope next time you learn from your mistakes,
and when that girl needs you do whatever it takes.
always remember this, I love you, but I love me more.
I had to learn that when you walked out the door…

17, Emotions After Breakup © Peery J Wambui

I don’t love you,
But I also don’t hate you.

I don’t want to think about you,
But my mind finds its way to you.

I don’t want to talk to you,
But I wait for your call.

I don’t want to cry,
But the pain is intense.

I want to forget and move on,
But my being is craving for you.

I don’t want to see you,
But your perfect shadow haunts me.

I want to hold you close to me,
But I remember you’re gone.

I can take it all,
But I’m only human.

18, How Could I Let You Go © Froge

You came softly into my life and touched my heart.
You brought joy into the depths of my being.
A joy I had never known before and so I ask,
How could I let you go?

Within me you have stirred the passions of dreams
And aroused the dreams of passion in the night.
You have brought new life to me and so I ask,
How could I let you go?

From deep within my soul you have touched the poet,
Brought words to life and feelings to the surface.
You are my verse, rhythm and rhyme and so I ask,
How could I let you go?

When love comes into a life as yours has come into mine,
The heart is surrendered and the soul is free to love.
The whole being is consumed in passion and so I ask,
How could I let you go?

I have heard your words and beheld your voice,
The softness and soothing nature calms my deepest fears.
You wrap me in your loving words and so I ask,
How could I let you go?

How could I let you go?
There is only one answer from this heart of mine,
There is only one solution to this puzzle within me,
I could let you go — only into my heart forevermore.

19, Can’t Stop Going Back To Him © Marissa

He gets her every time.
Those blue eyes hypnotize.
She believes every lie
That he’s ever told her.
His touch she can’t resist,
And with just one kiss
He pulls her back in.
She can’t say no
He’s got control
Of her all over again.

20, Lost Love © Silke Wettergren

The most amazing moment was when we met
The love and time I have shared with you
have all been without regret…

In spite of our love…
I am painfully aware
That you are gone,
And no longer there..

You made up your mind and you went away…
as things started to not feel right…
I know it’s pointless to wish for you to stay…
because at the end of the tunnel there is no more light

Often I don’t know what to say or do..
So many times I have cried over you…
Emptiness and sorrow is now a part of me,
Since I have to accept that we will never be..


Our memories continue to live in my heart
As I wish you well with your brand-new start

Please, believe me when I say
You will always be with me
Come what may

21, Forgetting You © Miranda S

There is a time to love
And a time to forget
A time to get rid of
And a time to close set

Say goodbye but then say hello
Forget but never regret
Pick up the broken pieces but leave them unset
Feel the pain but let it go
Take a new step and a new path will grow

I’ve loved
I’ve lost
I’ve hated
And I’ve found

My world goes round and round
But I don’t hold on to what has past
It’s better to just enjoy it while it lasts
I just let the memories become unwound

I know what I’ve done and who I’ve loved
I know who I am and what I’ve become
I’m glad I met you and all those moments we shared
But they’re memories now, that we both share.

22, Tired © Derek

Is it so hard to decipher the poorly encrypted code placed on my face?
“I’m tired” “I’m just tired” “I’m fine, I’m just fucking tired”

Is this so believable that you’re left with nothing to inquire?
Or is there something less forming, some lack of desire?
The thoughts in my head are swarming, that no one is caring.

I always get left behind, there’s just me being lonely and alone.
“It’s OK, I’m really fine. It’s just hard to sleep when I’m at home.”
Just a second glance, it’s all that I ask.

I’m at the brink of tears, I need some help before my skin tears.
All my friends are liars, all I need someone who cares.

I really am, just tired.

I’m tired of thinking too much.
I’m tired of drinking too much.
I’m tired of the sun shining too bright
I’m tired of the night sky’s fucking sight

Every detail of my day brings bad memories back to life
And maybe that’s what I’m tired of most; Life

23, To Feel © Ariel Smith

You have to be hurt to feel pain
You have to feel dryness to feel rain
You have to walk to be able to run
You have to feel rain to feel sun
You have to dance to be able to stop
You have to stand to be able to drop
You have to be born to be able to grow
You have to have water to have snow
You have to be on the ground to go above
You have to feel hate to be able to feel love.

24, One Day © Shaydee A. Ault

One day you’re gonna see her,
But she won’t be looking at you.
One day you’ll feel like she did,
And you won’t know what to do.

One day you’re gonna love her,
But she won’t feel the same.
One day you’ll know how it feels
To have your blue skies turn to rain.

One day you’ll dream of only her,
But she’ll be dreaming of someone else.
One day she’ll feel as if she’s in heaven,
And you’ll be feeling as if you’re in hell.

One day you’re gonna cry for her
The way she did for you.
One day you’re going to miss her,
But she’ll be loving someone new.

25, Ashes In My Eyes © Aprille Ruth Sidro

When the sun starts to fade
No I won’t give in, ’cause your
face still remains
and your soul is in beneath my skin.

Your body is next to mine,
yet your heart was
never mine, it still belong to someone
so you will remain ashes in my eyes.

No, your hands could never be mine, but
my heart is all yours all the time, how could you
be mine, when you’re
not meant to be mine.

Oh, I wish I was the one
who’s always with you all
the time, never I mind the
imperfections between you and
I, but you will still remain ashes in my eyes.

26, Broken Hearts And Prayers © Alexis Daniels

When your heart chooses a path, and you walk so far,
nothing can turn you back from where you are.
No pain, no scars can make you turn away,
there’s nothing that anyone can do nor say.

You’re scared, your hurting and the tears seem to never end,
but you think in your mind “I would do it all again”.
For the little moments, that get you through the bad,
For the few happy moments that get you through the sad.

For the few laughs and smile, and the jokes and the care,
that you wish so wholeheartedly would always be there.
You’d try to make them happy in every possible way,
but it seems to worsen with every passing day.

All you want is for them to hold you and let you know that they care,
but know matter how hard you try, they don’t, and it doesn’t seem fair.
Your whole heart now broken, you hope for a change,
but you know somehow even through your prayers they will always be the same.
Your love won’t let you leave, and you continue to hope for the best,
and pray every night that God will take care of the rest.

27, The Mysteries Of Love © Tia Poindexter

Love is a mystery
never to be solved
when two people have history
and are so involved
how do you save it
when it all goes wrong?
is it meant to be?
will it end suddenly?
no one knows
only time can tell
if you will stay
and things will go well
but don’t get mad
or even be sad
because if he’s not the one
you will find him
because we all have someone

28, I Know That It Will Be My Last © Derek

She smells like the sands of time
And is funny without ever being mean
I know that she’s a dime

But I can’t stop this feeling
I got my bottle of Jack
Then there’s a sudden bleeding
In this abrasive room of black
I create a certain kind of seeing

Maybe I should care

But shouldn’t every human being
Why do I find myself in such a stare such a glare
When it’s just her concentrating

She said she is there
Because of the lack of caring
I say that I’m here
Because of the lack of caring

She said that that is life
I said that that is strife
Had been shown at the end of this knife

I know that I must keep my bearing
But that is shown by the scars that I’m wearing
Pain has a way of escaping

But she has a way to draw it
To manipulate it
To construct it
To create an impersonal amount of anticipation about it

A book couldn’t copy this feeling
Nor a file
Nor a story

The empathy bursting from my soul couldn’t comprehend the very existence
of the hurt held within this girls’ heart
waiting to flood my incoherent mind just from this single unbroken glance
I know that it will be my last

29, Goodbye And Letting Go © Rachelle Secrets Mc.

The stars shall cry
the blackest tears tonight,
For now you are always
Out of my life.

Thanks for helping me,
I know you tried,
but safe in the darkness,
my only place to hide.

I cut myself a thousand times
to relieve my pain,
You tried to heal my hurting soul,
but face it, life’s in vain.

So I’ll try to say goodbye,
try to let you go,
give you back your life,
no more emotions show.

I’ll shed only a single tear,
realising how true was my fear,
for now you are eternally
nothing but a memory.

30, Trust © Kieno

Your words begin to mean nothing to me,
You continue to lie under your breath.
Had me convinced that you were different,
Yet here I am, with a broken trust.

My heart torn out from the center of my chest,
Ripped into a million pieces.
You promised me over and over
That you would change for the better.

But I soon came to realize
That you’re no different than the first time we met.
Each event replayed itself,
And each time you betrayed me.

Again I am standing here in this empty hole,
Listening to the echoes of your promises fade away.
I really thought you would change for me,
I really believed that you cared for me.

Oh, how wrong I was
To put my trust in the likes of you.
The pain I am feeling now
Is the pain I’ll forever retain.

Over and over again,
I am left with nothing.
No matter what I do,
I always get the blunt end of the stick.

Normally I would say I’m to blame,
But sadly I do not deserve this claim.
My eyes have reopened
To never again let you gain my trust.

In the world we live in now
Has very little, if any,
Able bodies that I can trust,
Is it so that only I can earn this trust?

I don’t believe I’ll ever truly understand the meaning of trust.
I won’t live by this word,
For its meaning is far too easily broken,
And very difficult to fix.

No longer will I allow trust to govern my life,
No longer will I allow your love in my life.
I stand here alone,
With a broken trust.

My last words to whom it may concern,
My trust in you was a privilege.
You continued to break the very string
That held my trust for you.

In the end,
You betrayed me with more than I can say,
Left me
With a broken trust and a broken heart.

31, Blessing In Disguise © Cassie Bessant

I still remember the moment we met
The time we shared, I’ll never regret
That summer in the sun we spent together
I can only hope you’ll always remember
In spite of our love, I am painfully aware
That you’re far gone and no longer there
Often I don’t know what to do
So many nights I cried over you
To me it may not feel right
But at the end of the tunnel there is no light
You pushed and guided me to achieve
But in the end you’d just leave
I sit there and wonder, what went wrong
But I’ve got my friends to keep me strong
If you ever wonder why we’re through
Just look in the mirror, because it’s all on you
What a blessing to have my mind back
But honesty, you’ll always lack
So with that, I’ll forget the pain
You go ahead and watch me make myself a name
I spend most of my time thinking of you
Reminiscing of the things we said we’d do
The future we planned had so much in store
Now the thought of it rots me to the core
I gave you everything and now I can see
The best I can give you is freedom from me
It seems now I’ll change my fate
For you, I’ll no longer wait
Why should I hang on to the one who doesn’t care
I now have my own life to spare
I’ll use all the strength I have left within
I’ll push myself to move forward to the new life I must begin
All the stress you put me through
I would still never wish on you
You always walked on me like a rug on the floor
Maybe I should be grateful you walked out that door
That door that will be closed, will be locked, will be open no more
Memories engraved in my heart
I wish you luck with your brand new start

32, Why It Has To Be You? © Hydz Trinidad

Sitting alone and silently
I recall a special part of my life
That part came unexpectedly
And lasted only for a while.

My life has been quiet and peaceful
Until that unforgettable moment
You came like a silhouette of my soul
Then you walked right through my heart.

Every day is a picture of happiness
There’s no hint of loneliness
Everything is wonderful
Because I spend it with you.

But then, as time goes by
Feelings begin to fade away
Tears fall down one by one
And it kills me to say goodbye.

Every time my mind says move on
my heart says hold on
So many questions inside my head
But the answers are all up to you.

Loving someone like you
Without boundaries
Makes me think deeply again,
Why, why it has to be you?

33, Unconditional Love © Monetlicia Blanks

For years I was your lustful toy,
emotionally and physically battered and torn,
No hope for a heart whose path was less treaded by love,
one whose path was brutally worn,
I’ve seen with my eyes I wasn’t befitting to be your prize,
because of the lies I know the truth,
I had to learn that love is not saying, “I love you,”
but it’s all in the things you do.
Can’t regret a thing that happened between me and you–
just have to be glad we’re through–there’s no more pain,
And I’ve sold my ticket from being “in,”
and now I claim the outwardly sane, beautiful am I.

I’ve seen that hurt as one reason to
fly past the tears and the option of years of being broken,
How can you buy what a person has sold you,
if neither of your stores are open?
Meaning–none of the hearts that partake
in this thing called love are producing a product,
Logic says when one hurts you it should be over,
but trying harder says you gain a profit,
True–no one wants to be alone,
no one wants to play the fool either, but we do!
I unconditionally loved you, but now I’m glad we’re through.
What a blessing to have my mind back, and escape the hell of lust
Knowing God didn’t put you here for me to give my heart to,
God didn’t design that thing we called “us”

See–you’re the person that you are because that is who life has made you–
played you, never have I ever
But the fact that you mistook your lust for love,
played the game, and dealt the right hand to me–that was clever,
They say we all need a little dirt to grow,
well the dead in me has arisen, now I’m livin’
Understanding my heart’s capabilities,
living life accordingly, God-fearin’
See, God gave me the vision,
and he’s waiting on me to be patient enough to receive,
And I used to not have any faith in love, but now I do believe,

I recall a man told me I was too loving,
and one told me I did too much for him
The other told me that I wasn’t going to be loved by anyone–
that I was going to be nothin’
But the thing about a man named GOD,
he told me that is the past
That those who are last shall be first,
and those who are first shall soon be last
I don’t regret loving you,
I regret the bridge didn’t burn too fast

See what hurts a man is when you stop moping over the pain,
MAKE yourself a name,
Stop worrying about being what he has,
and start being proud to be what he had!

34, Moving On © Amy W.

What the eye does not see the heart does not grieve for…
But when the truth comes out, it will always hurt more
Blinded by love, I failed to see how much of an arsehole
You really were to me
Perhaps too young, too crazy and free
I guess I will never understand why you did that to me
They say if you love somebody then you should set them free
As you never came back I think it was meant to be
I am not bitter or angry anymore, in fact my life has been better
Since you walked out the door.
I thank you for the gift you gave to me
A very special treasure, it truly is a pleasure
I gave you a chance; in fact, I gave you so many
But you couldn’t be bothered to even spend a penny
The door was still open, but nobody came
I should have known it would still be the same
It is not my place to play God with life
But if you don’t make the effort, you’re not worth the strife
Perhaps one day you might make the call, to make the wrongs right
And not start a fight
I hope by then it’s not too late, but I suppose I can’t change fate.
I would like to think we are at peace with each other
At one point in time you were my finest lover
Some people just aren’t meant to be together, but that doesn’t mean
You are lonely forever
Somewhere there is someone who dreams of your smile
And finds in your presence that life is worthwhile
So when you are lonely remember it’s true
Somebody somewhere is thinking of you

35, I Love You © Karissa L. Bailey

The intentions are real
But the truth is untold
Patiently awaiting the lies to unfold
Her heart shatters with the thought of his touch
How could she let him control her this much
She holds onto a memory of how it used to be
Tempted by hatred, will she always grieve
For that man, just a child inside
He’ll always have a pull on her soul
And a place to reside
She says that it is over
That is really it this time
Her life is torn apart and
Her heart is in a bind
Patiently waiting for those feelings to fade away
It makes it harder when he crosses her mind every day
His sarcasm breaks the silence
Her heart follows it to the floor
Her body feels overwhelmed
When he walks through the door
She shouldn’t still feel this way
She shouldn’t still care
After all those times she needed him
Why wasn’t he ever there
But she is the one who called it off,
The relationship made of glass
As fragile as a porcelain doll,
Was it really meant to last?!

36, My First Love… My First Heartbreak © Hydz Trinidad

I never thought I would love someone like you
Never in my dreams that I would meet you
But then, as I travel in my life’s journey
You walk into my life and I fall for you.

I never know how is it to be in love
Until that very special moment
You brought wonderful things in my life
You opened my eyes to see the beauty of love.

You are my first kiss
You are the first guy who hugged me tenderly
You are the first man who held my hand lovingly
You are my first love.

You are the one who taught me how to love sincerely
You showed me the way to your heart
You’ve taught me everything that I should know about love
I told myself, the story of my life is all about you.

You cared for me, and I really appreciate it
You showed me how to love unselfishly
But you never teach me the art of letting go
You never teach me the cure of hurting so much.

I thought my first love will be my last
I thought its you that I belong to
But now, what I once thought remains as thoughts
For you are now waiving goodbye.

All your smiles are for me
But now, its for somebody else’s
Your stare so full of love
Its for someone’s comfort.

The hug and kiss that I once have
Your heart once all mine
Now, they all belong to somebody
It hurts to know you are already gone.

Deep in me, I made a promise
I will never fall in love again
Unless its you, my first love,
My one and only…

37, I Used To Love You © Avery Rose

I used to love you,
Gently, carefully…
As I was afraid of falling too deep.

I used to love you,
Silently, hopelessly…
Through endless tests of disappointments and jealousy.

I used to love you,
Sincerely, passionately…
With all of my heart and all of my being.

I used to love you,
And I hope one day you’ll find someone
Who will love you as much as I used to.

38, Weight Upon My Shoulders © Ashley Hyder

The little woman on the left
the one upon my shoulder,
tells me I should guard my heart.
She wants me to make it colder.
Don’t give too much of yourself she says
please remember all the pain,
reminds me of the past mistakes.
She warns it will end the same.
Your independence will bring you safety
you are the only one you can depend
If you never allow anyone in,
you will never again have to mend.

There is a woman on my right
that looks just like the other,
but she screams at me to love.
To give my heart to another.
This time will be different, she says
don’t lose your hope and faith,
the pain of the past is behind you.
This fear you must erase.
Don’t keep yourself from feeling
you will find yourself alone.
Deep down you wish to give yourself
and find a heart in turn to own.

These two women on my shoulders
both want the best for me.
They only are trying to protect myself
from a life of misery.
But I don’t know who to side with
because they tell such different things.
One says don’t take the chance.
The other wants what love brings.
I listen for who’s louder
but their volumes match the same.
I wonder how much longer
in limbo I will remain.

39, Everything Was Nothing © Libby Bergmann

The looks, the heat
Every smile, so sour, so sweet.
I had known you made me complete.
Everything I needed, I never wanted more,
Yet every time I was run down straight to the core.
Every kiss, every step, every dance on the floor,
Everything was nothing. When you left me…out that door.
Our life, our plans, our future, in your hands.
Like a stab or a wound. I’ll get better…if I can.
I know it’s not the same, forever is the blame.
I tried so hard, for one who wanted more, for someone’s heart
Who won’t be allowed to be tamed.
It was the best, a love-never small but when one
Leaves the other, the best will fall.
Let the tears drop. Let the feelings fly.
Because at least not in public, I will not cry.
My heart still beats, locked in your chest.
It’s pitiful, sad, but I love you, dear traitor.
If you can stay, you can trample my heart, but don’t ever go away
But if not, you’re gone, I don’t expect less
But if it’s true just lay with me and rest
Help me rebuild me
Out of whatever’s left.

40, The One-Sided Affair © Devon

I loved her eyes, I loved her hair,
I loved her looks, I loved her stare.
I loved her attitude so full of delight.
I loved her mind so quick and so bright.

I loved her look when she got mad,
I loved her with all I had.
Although I loved her with my all,
She did not love me, not at all.

Don’t Look Back
Love doesn’t happen overnight.
Love doesn’t argue about what’s wrong
or what’s right.
And don’t expect to find a love that will last
if the only place you’re searching is in your past…

Love is hard to find; it’s even harder to let it go.
Don’t settle for something just because it’s what you know…

We tell ourselves this time will be different.
What may work for a little while longer
is irrelevant…

You can’t fix what’s already been broken.
You can’t believe the new promises that have been spoken,
because the pain you forgave once before
will always linger in your mind each time they walk out that door.

This time won’t be the same,
yet you find yourself playing the game,
but in this game nobody will win,
because every sinner is likely to sin again.

Your heart is in a million pieces,
Your life is full of hits and misses,
but one thing that still remains
is your ability to accept the things you can’t change.
We all make decisions that we regret,
but it’s our choice to forgive,
just never forget.

Always stay true to yourself and your values,
’cause in the end that’s all that matters,
Don’t waste time thinking you’re not worth it,
’cause no matter what anybody else thinks,
there’s somebody out there who might just think you’re perfect.

Love doesn’t happen overnight.
Love doesn’t argue about what’s wrong
or what’s right,
and don’t expect to find a love that will last
if the only place you’re searching is in your past.

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