20 Romantic Poems For Sweet Valentine’s Day!


Romance is one of the indispensable elements to bring happiness to all relationships. Understanding why romance which is so essential is the first step when you want to kindle a fire of love and maintain it. Because romance gives the energy source to love, if it is lost, the relationship also ends. Life will be dry without love, and love will also be nothing without romance.

In love, romance is very important. We all feel that we need someone nearby and want to do a lot of meaningful things for our lovers. Romance is a language, which is in that, we are expressed our desires. Hence, once we established an association with that person, we need to renew the relationship frequently by romance. Conversely, when not doing that, the connection will be broken.

Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity and a suitable day to burn your relationship by romance. Love will be stronger, longer and much more satisfying if it is regularly made up by the new romantic elements and sweet unexpected moments. Let’s enjoy twenty romantic Valentine’s Day poems which we collected here – please believe that romance in poetry is the best tender romance that you have ever known.

Romantic Poems For Sweet Valentine’s Day
[TOP] 20 Romantic Poems For Sweet Valentine’s Day!

1, My First, My Last, My Valentine © Sokea Meas

I’ve never imagined that there can be this day.
A day that love will find its way.
Out of my heart and into your soul.
These feelings I have are beyond my control.

All my life I have waited patiently.
For a goddess like you, so beautiful, so lovely.
Words can’t express the way I feel.
These feelings towards you are all for real.

You are the reason why I go on.
Eternity can’t separate this special bond.
This heart of mine is reserved for you.
Forever it is yours, this love is true.

I’ll be your first and you’ll be my last.
My world, my everything, till my time has past.
I will always love you until the end of time.

2, My Promise © Dan P. Brown

If you were my rose, then I’d be your sun,
painting you rainbows when the rains come.
I’d change my orbit to banish the night,
as to keep you in my nurturing light.

If you were my world, then I’d be your moon,
your silent protector, a night-light in the gloom.
Our fates intertwined, two bodies in motion
through time and space, our dance of devotion.

If you were my island, then I’d be your sea,
caressing your shores, soft and gentle I’d be.
My tidal embrace would leave gifts on your sands,
but by current and storm, I’d ward your gentle lands.

If you were love’s promise, then I would be time,
your constant companion till stars align.
And though we are mere mortals, true love is divine,
and my devotion eternal, to my one valentine.

3, I Imagine © Apurva

I imagine.
When I do,
I can only think of you,
How your smile spreads to your eyes,
Making me want to live in the moment forever.
I imagine
That we walk on paths,
Unknown to us,
Filled with fear and excitement,
Winding with happiness that is constant.
I imagine
That we see the dawn,
Bursting with resplendent hues,
And birds soaring in the sky,
Inviting us to hum along.
I imagine
That we break rules,
Do things our own way,
Travel the world,
To leave our traces.
I imagine
A cold winter night,
In your arms,
Watching the snow,
Sitting at the window.
I imagine
The story of us
Has no end
Or beginning,
But continues like the universe.
I imagine
I could fill your heart,
With all my love,
So that we know a love,
Mysterious to this world.
I imagine
And wonder,
What you would imagine,
With a smile extending to my eyes.

4, You Are © Genny R. Tajalle

As we watch the sun go down,
I want to let you know;
my love for you is forever,
I’ll never let you go.
You’re the one I’ve been searching for,
the one I’ve finally found;
without you in my life,
my world wouldn’t go round.
The love you bring into my heart,
which is so true and kind;
is something in no other,
I could truly find.
You’re the only one for me,
God tells me so,
deep within my heart, mind body and soul.
Today isn’t just an ordinary Valentines Day,
it’s all about me and you;
about the love we share,
and how it will forever continue to grow.
It’s not all about the chocolates, or the dozen roses;
it’s about the love we found,
how much we’ve been blessed.
Everything happens for a reason,
I believe this statement is true,
that’s why you were sent to me,
and I was sent to you.
I’ve never been more happy,
as I’ve been with you;
even through the rough times,
we always make it through;
To be with you for eternity,
is all I want for me and you.
All I want to say,
on our very first Valentine’s Day, is:
I may not be your first love,
but I promise, with all my heart,
that I will be that one from up above,
your one and only, true love!

5, Happy Valentine’s Day! © Dane Lee

I want to give a special Valentine to you,
And I think I’m crushing, if you only knew.

Each day I feel like I’m floating on an endless cloud
A weightless feather, a soft melodious sound

As I look into your eyes your beauty engulfs me
I feel like I’m flying, soaring, sailing free

I don’t have things to give, like diamonds or pearls
But all I want to do, is make you my girl

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and I must have to say,
That you are the girl that just makes my day!

You’re so sweet, and gorgeous, I never want to part
‘Cause you’re the one that had stolen my heart

6, On This Day © Holly Perkins

To some people February 14th is just another day.
For me this is a day to take time and say… I love you.
Stop, and think what we’ve been through and how much are love as grew.
Yes, we fight,
And I’ve lied,
But never forget for you I would die.
Everyday I see your beautiful, smiling face,
And there are moments that I stare and you take my breath away,
and leave me with nothing to say,
On this special day,
I ask myself how it is possible to love a person so much.
My heart has been permanently touched.
All the tears and pain seem to go away.
The pieces of my heart that were chiseled away, you make them ok.
Once there was a deep dark hole nobody could touch,
Until you came and filled it with all your love.
On this special day I want you to know,
I love you,
More than I could write down, tell, explain or even try to show,
In this life or the next.
I’ve done things I regret,
And they hurt you inside and made you cry,
But let those things die,
Not you and I.
I want to be with you the rest of my life,
Until the day I say good-bye.
So on this Valentines Day I want to say,
I love you and will always be with you.

7, Wonderful Heartache © Jordan S. Hutchinson

My stomach starts to ache my hands start to shake,
As he draws nearer one last deep breathe I take.
My heart beats fast like never before,
The butterflies tickle and tease till I can’t take it anymore.
I begin to tremble as he says hello,
I can feel the blushing of my face start to show.
By looking down I try to hide my fluster,
I reply to his greeting with a soft hello mutter.
With his face so handsome he gives me a smile and a wink,
As he turns to walk away my hearts begins to sink.
So sweet and so kind and he noticed ME,
I feel that he is the Prince Charming for me.
This feeling I have is more than a crush,
when I think about him I get a sudden rush.
Great chills shrill down the back of my spine,
Why oh why, I wonder, can’t he be just mine?
In my thoughts he is always in shine,
I wish he was… my valentine…

8, Sweet Valentine © Harry Boslem

I could watch the sunrise, I could watch the sunset,
I could walk in the rain without getting wet,
I could witness their beauty as the flowers bloom,
I could I could listen to bird songs as the new day dawns,
I could feel the sunshine through the darkest clouds,
I could hear a sweet whisper through the roar of a crowd,
I could walk on water without soaking my feet,
I could travel the world in less than a week,
I could ponder the knowledge passed down by the wise,
I could dwell in a castle built in the sky,
I could paint a portrait and bring it to life,
I could sleep without pain, on the edge of a knife,
I could play a sweet melody to soften the mood,
I could take all the bad and turn it to good,
I could float on the breeze, I could fly on the wind,
I could soar high in the sky leaving the world behind,
I could travel the cosmos and watch it unfold,
I could witness it’s power, so wonderful to behold,
But of all the wonderful things I could do,
There’s nothing in the universe that compares to you,
I’ll hold you in my heart for the rest of my life,
You’re my living miracle, my sweet valentine.

9, Unforgettable Valentine’s Day © Linzy Bruno

I hope you feel Valentine’s Day
is your favorite day this year,
because the first thing I’m gonna do
is hold you tight and shed a grateful tear.

And when night comes, in your strong arms
is the only place I wanna be,
so I can feel the pulse of your loving heart,
which always sets my soul free.

And in that magic moment in time
all I want to know is
that I am yours and you are mine.

On this romantic occasion,
I hope you will feel free to enjoy US this way
and lose yourself, consumed in my love,
making this our own unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

10, Snowflake Kisses © Angela M. Torrence

Upon the earth the snow kisses
Glittering flakes drop as the ice glistens
My soul has awaken and now my heart listens
In my mind your voice whispers
When I close my eyes at night I dream of you
When I awake to the morning dew I think of you
Somehow I feel in your arms is where I belong
I’ve waited for someone like you for so long
Now my heart beats with a happy rhyme
Couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine

11, My Valentine Song © Salvatore Deprima

All the cards that were written on the shelf
Can’t tell you how I feel
And this love that I have in my heart
No one could ever steal
To put my feelings into words
Would be so hard to do
But the three words that I’ll always say
Will be I Love You.

You will always be my valentine
My love and my sweetheart
And for you I’ll give you everything
Especially my heart
And I will always let you know
Just what you mean to me
In my heart my valentine
Is what you’ll always be.

Every day I thank the Lord above
For blessing me with you
And there isn’t anything you would say
That I wouldn’t do
This love that I have for you in my heart
Will never go away
So I’ll just keep on loving you
Every single day

(Repeat Chorus)

The candy will soon disappear
And the flowers will die away
But the love that I have for you in me
That will always stay.

So here’s to you my valentine
My love and my sweetheart
You will always be on my mind
Even when we’re far apart
And I’ll just keep on telling you
just what you mean to me
Because in my heart my valentine
Is what you’ll always be.
Close Yes in my heart my valentine is what you’ll always be.
Speak: Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart.

12, I Will Always Love You © Richard M. Deets

I desire you when splinters of light appear
And the dew lazily joins morning sky.
When arias, pining birds to mates sing,
I want the soothing softness of your kiss.

I desire you when the sun centers the sky
And shadows hide beneath the soles of feet.
When butterflies dance among petals white,
I want the sparkle of your smiling eyes.

I desire you as the moon welcomes the night
And skies are flooded with twinkling bright stars.
When candles flicker their last silent breath,
I then want to feel your sensuous touch.

I desire you when passion swells all your soul
And your lovely face shines with radiance.
When your moist lips are full of love’s desire,
I want to feel every pulse of your heart.

I desire you when you are weary and down
And gray skies sprinkle droplets of sad tears.
When the world laughs at your every stumble,
I want to gently sooth your sorrows.

I desire you my love in every moment.
As time adds years like sands on the beach,
When you sense your beauty slipping to the wind,
I will want you so much more than now.

13, A Valentine’s Day Poem © Maria I. Carmona

My heart has chosen you,
On this magical day of love-
To share and dwell upon,
The beauty of its touch
How sweet and blissful is,
The humming of its song-
The wonders that it brings
I, knowing you’re the one
It has invited me
Into its world of inspirational dreams-
A place called paradise,
Where love and laughter sings
My heart has chosen you
And my soul agrees as well
You are the splendid light
Of true loves magical spell…

14, Ask Me? © Adriana Rajca

Do I really love you?
look into my eyes.
the shine you see is the light of my soul
notice my smile.
how spontaneous and true!
my face in your presence
my lips caress your name.
Can you not hear the hum of my body
responding to your nearness?
my heart keeps time.
touch me.
I tremble
hold me.
I sigh
kiss me.
I melt
Ask me.
I love you!

15, My Valentine © Ronald Doe

My Valentine,
The sun wouldn’t shine,
If it wasn’t for your love.
From afar,
Every star,
Would fall from up above.

My Valentine,
You’re one of a kind,
You’re unique and beautiful.
And forever,
We’ll stay together,
My Darling me and you.

My Valentine,
I would go blind,
If I somehow couldn’t see.
You surely will,
Forever still,
Be right there for me.

My Valentine,
I am glad you’re mine,
For you brighten up my world.
It is a joy,
To just enjoy,
The time spent with my girl.

My Valentine,
A glass of wine,
Could not be sweeter than you.
For all my days,
I’ll forever praise,
All the lovely things you do.

My Valentine,
Till the end of time,
You and I will never part.
And I will,
Forever still,
Call you “Gorgeous” and “Sweetheart”.

16, Won’t You Be My Valentine © Ronald Doe

For all the times I have hurt you,
All the times I didn’t support you.
For all the times I failed to shine,
Darling, won’t you be my Valentine?

For all the times I have let you down,
And all the times I made you frown.
For all the times I blew your mind,
Darling, won’t you be my Valentine?

For all the times I told a lie,
And all the times I made you cry.
For all the times that I was blind,
Darling, won’t you be my Valentine?

For all the times you have missed me,
And all the times you have kissed me.
For all the times your lips touched mine,
Darling, won’t you be my Valentine?

For all the times we made sweet love,
Al the times we prayed to God above.
For that little girl, sweet daughter of mine,
Darling, won’t you be my Valentine?

For all the hurt and all the tears,
The good times throughout the years.
For all the time you have been mine,
Darling, won’t you be my Valentine?

17, To The One I Love © Leilani Hermosa Petersen

Since the day you walked into my life,
I was no longer the same.
It felt as if my life finally had purpose,
a place to reside, yet no one knew what was in your mind.

In your past you made girls cry.
They cried, my love,
because all of them wanted to be your wife,
yet you chose me, the one who made you rife,
but still you wanted me in your life.

So today I stand before you
with a heart as pure,
and I promise to love you forever more.
Yet I have one request and that would be,
that I could have this dance with you
on this Valentine’s day eve.

18, Valentine Lover © Parker C. Blair

Heart beating fast.
Love that is supposed to last,
A day,
A lifetime…

You’re the wind to my mast,
The heartening blast,
Your love,
My Valentine…

They say that the roses are red
And violets are blue,
But there are no colors
When I am with you…

You’re the wind to my mast,
Love that is supposed to last,
Your love,
A lifetime…

Heart beating fast,
The heartening blast,
A day,
My Valentine.

19, My Valentine, My Sweet Valentine © Da Koolkatt

My Valentine,
My sweet valentine,
My candle in the wind;
It’s the morning fresh air
The breeze that awakens the sudden chirping of blue birds,
And soft fluttering butterflies
It’s the expression on your countenance
With your soft brown legs intertwine with mine, between the sheets;
As your heart beat explores mine
With the plucking of the single guitar strings and the harmony of the piano
Fluctuates over the tight, clouded air space.
It’s like driving through the countryside with the windows down;
The smell of fresh cut grass and the dance of the cows utter swaying under the farmer’s tight grip.
The dandelions slowly flowing in the shades of the rainbow above the seas and oceans
Glistening waterfalls and your body shimmering through the water like an electrical tides flowing throw the current of the streams
Every touch can be left unsaid, like the slow touch of your fingers, to the pull of your hands
And my arms slowly around your waist like the Waltz
My eyes fixated upon your softness, like a dream come true
With the clouds shadowing the sunlight and day becomes night
With the fading of the red flames intertwine with the sparkling waters slowly fading away
Your kiss was electrifying like the perfect mirage of a desert with the sand domes slowly falling apart
And awoken to the change of tides with the bridge of the piano slowly brushes upon the guitar and entrance of the violin cascading behind the sharp edges of a misinterpreted note
My Valentine
My sweet Valentine

20, The Truest Love © Sherri Conklin

Throughout the longest of the twilight midnight hours
I lay wondering, weeping, dreaming of my desires
Wishing only that I could sleep devoutly in your arms
Knowing of your hardships as you trudge through muck an mires
I hope, I pray that you dote defending the memory of me
While I guard my thoughts and love of you tenaciously
You have escaped hence from the security of my embrace
To secure my love, my lands, to keep me free
May the Gods protect your cause and hold you in their grace
Whilst I sit and wait and pray that you will recall this place
Others could state that what you do is wrong
Or that the days of knights and chivalry are disappeared and gone
That this war across the waters is the work of angry men
I don’t debate the work of hate, but I will not play along
My tears are shedding, river fierce, colored red, white, and blue
As long as I stand, I’ll hold my flame high over head for you
You fight and die defending me, there is no truer love
To keep the spirit of freedom firm, our standards high above
On this day of Valentines, I send my sentiments to you
Those of the proud, of the brave, and of the precious few
Regardless of the issue, you are there for me
To keep me strong and secure, your lover Lady Liberty
So keep you safe, my shining knights, who came at my distress
Guard my heart; please bring you home to my softest sweet caress

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