Valentine’s Day Poems: 15 Best Poems About Being Alone On Valentine’s Day


In Spring, it always has a special romantic moment which is the most colorful brightest and sweetest flower. Can you guess? It is Valentine. And can you realize that when the city is filled with gifts and greeting cards, red roses are in full bloom on many roads and stores, the romance becomes more romantic, the sweetness is sweeter but it still exists a usual thing – the loneliness? The feelings of lonely and sad experiences will fulfilled around your space. However, if you are one of the people who has not found their other half, it will not be a problem. The bad thing here is that you can’t be with your partner on Valentine’s Day for some reason, no matter the long-distance or distance of heart, whether it’s unrequited love or a broken problem, those sentiments are certainly not nice.

Fortunately, we all have people that have a special place in our hearts — people who are always willing to listen to all your confidences.

In this way, Valentine’s Day can be a day to express love to others, even if it isn’t through typical shows. Moreover, we have 15 poems for lonely Valentine’s Day here – sad Valentine’s Day poems are highly compassionate and full of sentiments. All is for you!

Valentine’s Day
15 Good Poems About Being Alone On Valentine’s Day

1, I Have Seen © Anonymous

I have seen so many lovers today,
I am really feeling blue this day,
Why did you leave me on this very special day?
Was there not a single way?
You could be with me,
You know that without you there is nothing left to see,
I love you and miss you this day,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

2, Broken Hearts’ Day © Lisa M. Daugherty

Here I sit, all alone
in my quiet, empty home.
Where do broken hearts go
on this sweethearts’ day?
I don’t know!
Rest assured, I will visit your grave,
grasping our love and the memories we made.

I can’t let you go.
I can’t make you stay.
So tell me now,
what do I do with this day?

Broken Hearts’ Day,
that’s what today is.
Tears and sadness are how I live.
Partners for life, that’s what you said,
but here I lie alone in our bed.

So full of sadness, consumed in grey.
No one to hold me on Valentine’s Day.
You will be mine again someday,
but for now,
right here is where I lay,
all alone on this
Broken Hearts’ Day.

3, I Don’t Have A Reason Enough © Anonymous

I don’t have that smile of love today
But will certainly have it in a day
I am all alone sitting on my window
Watching so many couples express their love
It makes me feel good that emotion of love
Is still so deep in life
It makes me feel good that emotion of love is
So strong
You feel so blessed being in love
To the special one you belong
So what if I am single today
Will have someone besides me
To hold my hand in the journey of life
Happy Valentine’s Day!

4, Can I Be Your Valentine © Casey E. Gauman

Every day we act as though we are just good friends.
It is though we are seeing through a different lens.
But I wish we could be more.
Because crying makes me feel poor.
Poor of love, as though nobody loves me.
If you look it isn’t that hard to see.

Can’t we be more than just good friends?
Can’t we look through the same lens?
Can you picture us together?
Can I be the certain her?
The her you’re always talking about.
The one you say you can’t live without.

I know what I ask is a little much.
I just want us to be able to touch.
Hold each other and never let go.
But if I ask will the answer be no?
Either way I have to take a chance.
May our hearts have one dance?

5, Alone I Am © Anonymous

Alone I am on this day of love,
But certainly not disheartened,
As I know next year,
I will meet the man of my dreams,
Alone I may be this year,
But, only to be with someone next year,
On this day of love,
The day of valentine,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

6, Alone For Valentine’s Day © Kristy

I stand outside on this chilly night
Dreading the dawn of tomorrow
For with the morning will come my downfall
A romantic day only filled with sorrow

When I awake there will be no roses by my bed
Nor the sweet touch of my lover’s skin
I shall not breathe the scent of love’s caring lotion
The emotional battle begins within

Wanting someone to be with
On this year’s Valentine’s Day
Someone to hold me and sing me a song
As we dance the night away

Someone to kiss me gently
Underneath the star filled sky
His beautiful lips, so soft and pink
He’d be an all around great guy

Yet I know that just won’t happen
I’ll be spending Valentine’s alone
Maybe next year that will change
But for now my future is unknown

7, So what in life © Anonymous

So what there is no one in life,
So What if today is a special day,
I love myself and that is enough for me
To make my day,
So, I would enjoy all through,
The feeling so special and new,
This valentine!

8, Valentine’s © Gwen

No roses, no candy, no darling or dear…
Guess I’ll spend it alone this year.
Men talk and they flirt, they wink and they sigh…
but when it comes time… there’s no one to buy..

I like my candy.. my roses.. and wine.
I love to snuggle, cuddle and dine..
just seems it’s something that men don’t want,
guess they don’t understand the hurt of a heart

I’ll get no gift, no card, no call ….
just me laying here.. or walking the hall.
No heart that flutters or skips that beat
when I see you coming down the street
No hugs, no kisses, no special treats,
just me alone…one hurting heart… that has no beat~

This day’s for lovers AS IT should be…
just regret the fact there’s none for me
I try so hard to find that love…
the one they say is sent from above.

But alas for me it’s not to be…
so alone this Valentine’s Day I’ll be.

For all you lovers… cherish your mate,
explain to him how you met was fate!

Remember the giggles the fun and folly
of how it felt to be happy and jolly..

So care for your man, care for your woman,
and you will have that love that makes the heart flitter and flutter and the pulse run fast,
So cherish them on this glorious day and remember how great a love can be.
Happy Valentine’s Day

9, Alone is so much fun © Anonymous

Alone I am in this day of love,
But, certainly not lonely
Because I have people who care
I have many people who are there
To make my day special,
So, this day is dedicated to them
Happy Valentine’s Day!

10, Valentine’s Day © Ronita Lee

Today is Valentine’s Day
A day to show a loved one you care
But how can you hold them, kiss them, console them
When no one is even there

Today is a day of us together
And not a second to be left apart
But knowing today won’t bring those things
It continues to break my heart

I know I’m supposed to be happy
And I really look the part
But how can I smile
And pretend that I’m happy
When a piece is missing from my heart

Today won’t change the crying
Today won’t change pain
Today won’t change the fact
That heartache is now a part of my name

Today for me is lonely
Today for me is untrue
Today for me is wishing
That once again I still had you

But wishes are like fairy tales
They rarely do come true
So today is a day of loneliness
And me being sad and blue

Today for you is laughing
Because to you my love is a game
So while you’re happy spending time with friends
I’m left to drown in pain

Today is not a day anymore
It’s a waste of useless time
Today for me is
Loneliness, heartache, crying, praying
That soon again you’d be mine

11, Heavenly Rose © John P. Read

I wonder, is there’s Valentine’s Day in heaven?
For the one I love is there.
I would love to send her some flowers
To let her know how much I care.

I would like to say I love you
And hold her gently in my arms.
Just to make her smile once more,
Dear Lord, is all I ask.

So if flowers grow in heaven,
Lord, pick a rose for me.
Present it to the one I love,
Then kiss her tenderly.

Tell her how much I miss her
And in my heart she’ll always stay.
She’ll always be my Valentine.
Not even death can take that away.

12, A Valentine’s Wish © Jamie K. Johnson

Have you ever set your heart on someone
Though you didn’t stand a chance?
Have you ever wished that someone
Would think the way you do?
Have you ever fallen in love with someone
Who didn’t love you too.
Have you ever tried to explain to them
The feelings in your heart,
Only to hear a response,
That tears your heart apart?
Have you ever spent so much time with someone,
Even though it hurts inside?
Have you ever tried to save a friendship,
By having your feelings hide?
Have you ever wanted that friendly hug to turn into a kiss?
Have you ever wished your heart would stop wishing,
For those things that won’t come true?
Have you ever wished that that someone would try to love you too?

13, Pseudo Kiss © Joseph R. Brege

Has it been a year since you came back?
A year since I’ve seen your face,
Or felt your grace?
Every pseudo kiss, every pseudo that and this.
Was it ever real?
Did she ever feel?
Would it matter now anyway?
Would it be the same if she came to stay?
Could I love her just the same?
Is it not stated by the pain?
Will I ever get to find out what life is like without you there?
Or hold you to let you know I care?
I’d like to whisper in your ear.
Barely loud enough to hear… I’d say,
I’d sell my soul if just one more time,
You’d let me be your valentine.

14, This Will Be My Valentine © Theresa Witbooi

He will be gentle, loving, strong, sensitive and kind
He will be all this and more combined
He is somewhere in this world of rage
When we meet we’ll be on the same page
For me, he will move mountains
Together we’ll drink from crystal fountains
He will always bring me flowers
His kisses will rain on me like showers
He will always be there for me in times of trouble
We’ll never have a major squabble
He will playfully ruffle my hair
In my ears he will whisper “don’t despair”
Without reason we will dance
Against those who hurt me he will take a tough stance
He will not lie or cheat, in each others arms we’ll admit defeat
In love he will always be fair
His heart only mine to share
His eyes always on me will shine
A man a heart so fine
This will be my Valentine!

15, Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s? © Vicious And Romantic

What is the point of Valentine’s Day?
I’m sure it’s great for those couples that are just so in love.
But what about those who are left out?
What about those who are pushed aside and forgotten?
What about those who aren’t considered pretty enough?
What happens when everyone around you gets something from a special person and all you get is ignored?
Everyone says that you don’t have to act like a slut to get a guy to notice you.
In all of my experiences, the slut always wins.
Everyone says there are more fish in the sea.
What happens if you can’t find one because the one you did find likes another girl.
I just don’t see why we have to celebrate a holiday that only includes a few people.

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