Earth And Man


You’re only held together by me
whirling on my wheel of gravity;
alive you suck the air
for any nipple of moisture, dead
I reuse human remains to revive
future dust to re-people waste.I turn
my garments of seasons
to unpack weather, inducing sky-spilled
rain tasting my bird-throated
land the fluting wind
gently blows the landscape in your eyes
stirring your curiosity
to trees flaming into autumn
or the sun dimming its light low
to cosmic bliss
as today goes in, ears turned to waterfalls
noisy but hidden.I’m seeded with your sweat
where you are rooted and moored.sad
you build carbon sky
fan diesel breeze to breathe sulphur, blow
yourselves and innocent beings to pieces
goring yourselves and me with red dust.

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