Record Of A Dream


The road before me completely dark;
I know not where I am.
Black water vast without bounds;
No raft to sail upon.
Above I cannot see the heavens;
Below I cannot see the earth.
Hear the growl of a mad dog;
Right in my path he faces me and barks.
On all sides not a soul to be seen;
Again I try to seek the road back;
Long and long for my old home.
Black, black are the surrounding pines;
Enter main rooms and hear no voices;
Go through the side rooms and see no one.
Grass is matted and chokes the courtyard;
Wind is mournful and blows all around.
Something or maybe nothing; I’m alarmed.
Going in I can’t find anyone; outside all is unclear.
Slowly, slowly, where I’ve been recedes;
My dreaming soul returns and I sweat like rain.

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