A Winter (Invierno)


It was a winter of atmospheric depressions
It was a winter of anhedonic ennui
It was a winter of dumb indecision
It was a winter of her, a winter of me

It was a winter of silt in the Fraser
It was a winter of tugboats and freight trains
It was a winter of rust on the razor
It was a winter of nightmares and rain

It was a winter of dull unemployment
It was a winter of landlords and in-laws
It was a winter of ill-planned deployments
It was a winter of hammers and saws

It was a winter of wrongheaded answers
It was a winter in which nothing clicked
It was the winter the cat died of cancer
It was the winter you quickened and kicked


Era un invierno de depresiones atmosféricas
Era un invierno de anhedónicö hastío
Era un invierno de irresoluciones huecas
Era un invierno de ella, un invierno mío

Era un invierno de fango en el Colorado
Era un invierno de remolques y lentos cargueros
Era un invierno de polvo y rastrillo oxidado
Era un invierno de malsueños y aguaceros

Era un invierno de aburridos desempleos
Era un invierno dentre afines y caseras
Era un invierno de despliegues erróneos
Era un invierno de martillos y argalleras

Era un invierno de respuestas muy dispares
Era un invierno en el que nada coexistió
Ese invierno murió el gato de cánceres
Ese invierno en que latiste y tu patadita se sintió

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