Ego Sum


I am the lord, the thief and the vassal
Water, I shift to fit any vessel
Ice, I expand to explode a corpuscle
Wherever I go, I speak like a local
I sift like ash through grates and then settle
I mimic and ape; I’m brash and I’m subtle
I’m an alloy forged from infinite metals
I am the stove, the pot and the kettle
I patch over holes like plaster and spackle
I am the block and I am the tackle
I’m a toy pistol plated in nickel
I am the treacherous course through a tickle
I am a torrent and I am a trickle
I am most busy when I am most idle
I am the whip, the bit and the bridle
I am the bolt, the hinge and the knuckle
I am a belt in search of its buckle
I am the stamen, the pistil, the petal
I’m in forever the finest of fettle
I read very much and I know very little
I’m obliging, yes, but no one’s lickspittle
My eye has the shape of the head of an eagle
I’m a creature of habits, some of them legal
I have a nose to rival a beagle
I’m jackpine, catspruce, cedar and maple
I am the stake, the stitch and the staple
I can cram worlds in the cup of a thimble
I’m gauche and immodest; I’m horribly humble
I’m the uneasy peace preceding a battle
I am the fang and I am the rattle
I am flame shining the brown eyes of cattle
I am the Talmud and I am the Bible
I am all manner of slander and libel
I have been Cain and I have been Abel
I am the chair and I am the table
I wear many suits and shun every label
I am the song of the Tower of Babel
I’d speak the truth, but I doubt that I’m able

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