Love Song: Thou Alone


And if I pay out sufficient
cordage, will you hang
yourself? By Christ, I’m tired
of the self-dramatics
of martyr-complex men. Get off
the cross, Alan, your lot’s no worse
to bear than any other’s—
unless it be mine to live
with a self-despising fool
like you. No, as attractive
as the offer to join you
in your shack of hazards is,
I’ll have to pass. Get your
shit together, man, contract
what you can’t do yourself,
tame that rage, straighten
what is bent, then call me
and we’ll talk. Until then,
I’ve better things to do
than cater to the vanity
of men. If you’re so stupid
as to pin your southpaw
to the cross, I’m not the one
to nail the right, nor will I
pull the left one with the claw,
but leave you dangling there
until your weight undoes
your work and you’re left lying
in the sawdust to lick
your blessed wound.

(response to Alan Dugan’s “Love Song: I and Thou”)

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