The prairie vole’s a faithful mate,
the Montane vole a man-whore.

But jigger with the latter’s genes
just so, so vasopressin

secreted during sex hits
receptors in the neural

sweet spot, and the egregious slut
becomes a prairie home

companion, never more
to heed his pecker’s wanton

will. Vasopressin is an anti-
diuretic. A scrip will help

recidivist pissabeds
keep their duvets dry

at night. I have a soft spot
for certain diuretics that tickle

my brain’s pleasure domes and make me
prone to indiscretions. I get

no buzz from steady love.
Perhaps a hormone dose, or some

slick shuffle of my chromosomes
would fix me up and keep me

out of trouble. Maybe then
I’d be the man you always wanted.

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