A Walk Along the Coast of Big Sur


I know I have become the Pacific.
The back of my hand is nowhere.
My lungs breathe clouds.
My voice is wind
Connecting the continents.

My friend shakes me awake.
The dawn, let’s go see the dawn.
Through forests older than the Himalayas,
Beside ferns still holding the night’s candles,
We hike to the beach, which lies in front of us
Like the palm of god.
The sky is dripping with stars.
A hundred years of silence
Fill each second,
The moment expands like a whale’s song,
Our galaxy spins above our heads like haloes.
In the next thirty minutes, I become young,
A piece of music never heard, playing
As the first light of day opens like a gate
The size of the sky.

We walk along the coast,
Share jokes and a bottle of whiskey,
As the colors of a new beginning
Bath us in oranges and reds.

Remember that time we climbed down
A sheer cliff wearing sandals?
We could’ve died!
Though I still think
We should’ve brought along those beers.

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