Entering the Dream Chamber


A street lit by glowing trees,
There is grass on the other side
Of concrete, entire rooms
In the teeth of rats, paradise
In the eyelash which falls on snow.

My body tossed like celery
Into corners shaped like thrones
Whose red cushions
Feel like meadows.
I am weak and thin.
I peel off my eyelids.
I face life unable
To blink.

I travel inside the minds of people,
I slip around like a muse.
Let me help you put your hands
On the sun, raise your heads into
The cyclone’s flesh, stand with postures
Of swan, ready like the rock’s outline
To change with time.

You’ve abandoned me.
Awake in a place beyond
Descriptions of word,
I befriend sorrow and make her
A thousand course meal.
I line the walls with Autumn’s leaves,
I play with clay sculptures
And give them names.
They talk when I turn my back,
Gossip about the box of nightmares
I keep locked inside me.

In the absence of air,
I learn to breathe snow.
My skin is a new chandelier.
I am not like you anymore.
If I could pierce into the past,
Capture myself in the moment
Everything changed between us,
I would stop myself
And change nothing.

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